Essays on Fire Risk Assessment Assignment

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Place to be risk assessed The report will focus on assessing the conventional center. The building is located north of Dukhan Highway as a part of the education city development at the Qatar Foundation Education City site in Doha, Qatar. The convention center building comprises of a kitchen, halls, office places, prayer rooms, lounges, car parks, utility spaces, support areas as well as Information technology facilities. Evidently, the building has a floor area of about 79,000m2 in four of the public occupied areas. In addition the building is a partially sprinkled premise in accordance NFPA 101 and 5000.The building has a height of about 34.5 meters above the normal grade.

The buildings occupied levels begin at an elevation that is approximately +8.00m and it stretches up to +25m. The level found above this at about +30.00, is used as an equipment and storage rooms. It is apparent that the building’s highest storey is at height less than 23m above the least level of fire. In the convention center, department vehicles that visit do not fall in the definition of a high building.

The materials that have designed the walls, shafts, floors, exit passageways as well as the roofs and structural members are non-combustible materials. The aim of the assessment is so as to provide a comprehensive report on the qualitative and quantitative hazards and risk management methods, the right control measures that should be used to the general safety and community fire safety so as to execute an appropriate risk management plan. In addition the report will assess strategic decision analysis in a particular organizational context as well as evaluate strategies to enhance the concept of collaborative working in any organization to prevent and control the occurrence of risks as a result of fires.

Besides it will also provide strategies that will enhance a collaborative working towards controlling fires. Fire risk Assessment A risk assessment is an essential step in protecting the staff, the organization as well as abiding by the law (Kemshall and Pritchard, 1997). Studies have revealed that risk assessment assists in focusing on the risks that actually matter in the place of work- risks deemed to have the highest probability of causing harm (Kemshall and Pritchard, 1997).

In most instances, direct measures can be employed to control risks, for instance, ensuring that workers use protective equipment to lessen exposure to noise or contact with chemicals (Sherriff and Tooma, 2010). For many, this means the utilization of cheap, simple, and efficient measures to make certain that the personnel are protected. A risk assessment can be defined as a careful examination of the hazards in the workplace that can cause harm to the employees, in order to size up if the organization has taken adequate precautions or more should be done in order to prevent the harm (Li, 2005).

The organization has the responsibility of protecting its personnel form any harm that may be caused by a failure to undertake realistic control measures. The law does not expect organizations to eradicate all risks, but it necessitates organizations to protect its employees as much as it is sensibly practical (Kemshall and Pritchard, 1997).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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