Essays on Importance of Risk Assessment, Electrical and Mechanical Means of Protection Coursework

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The paper "Importance of Risk Assessment, Electrical and Mechanical Means of Protection" is an outstanding example of management coursework. The fire and safety order 2005 stipulate that buildings have to adhere to the set laws and regulations. This order was made in accordance with the 2001 reform Act. All premises have to adhere to the order including those that are non-profit making. The responsible person for the premises always has to ensure that risk assessment is carried out. It is a requirement that the assessment report is submitted to the relevant authorities in order to establish the degree of compliance to set regulations.

(Coleman, 2005) Fire and safety order puts in place rules and regulations that help the responsible person to put in place preventive measures for fires to occur. This in general plays a great role in protecting life and property. Fire safety is more so important in workplaces. They include the following; Offices and shops Schools Residential care premises Hospitals Cinemas and theatres etc 2.0 Importance of risk assessment The question as to why one should carry out a risk assessment of premises has been asked by many concerned stakeholders.

Fire risk assessment is a very important venture. In this case, systematic evaluation of any potential harm that is fire related within the building is carried out. The fire safety order requires that constant risk assessment of buildings be carried out. This is the requirement even if previous assessments of the building were carried out. This helps in curbing any risks that could have cropped up since the last assessment. (DeHaan, 1991) Fire risk assessment of business premises enables management to know whether the building is compliant to the law of the land.

This simply gives the management the peace of mind. It also helps in avoiding any charges that could be demanded by relevant authorities for non-compliance to set regulations. This means that there is no risk of the organisation or business closure for non-compliance. It is quite essential to carry out risk assessment because it enables management of the commercial building to put in place alerting systems. These include smoke and fire alarms that alert the occupants early enough so that they leave the premises.

Other steps include training employees on how to escape and how to use various means of escape within the premises. This training can be carried out frequently so that employees don’ t forget. This plays a great role in saving lives. The fire risk assessment also helps in making management put in place necessary plans on how to extinguish the fire in case it occurs. Fire risk assessment can also be described as an eye-opener. It enables management at the workplace to identify any hazards within the premises that can cause harm.

In this case, proper measures are then taken to reduce or eradicate the risk depending on its nature. This is considering that there are some risks that cannot be totally eliminated but can only be reduced. This helps in reducing the risk of loss of life and property. (Diamentes, 1998) Fire risk assessment helps the responsible person to put in place proper measures to mitigate the fire effects. This means that when a fire occurs, the destruction will not be to a higher degree. The fire risk assessment also helps the responsible persons at the workplace to make proper plans concerning means of rescue to affected people when a fire occurs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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