Essays on Building Regulations of the United Kingdom Case Study

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The paper 'Building Regulations of the United Kingdom " is a good example of a management case study. Management of organizations is not an easy task. It requires great skill to handle people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Management involves various tasks. They include leading, organizing, controlling and planning. All these aspects require managers to have skills and relevant theoretical background. There are different risks that are found in many workplaces. (DeHaan, 1991) These also require that managers carry out proper planning, leading, organizing and controls in relation to risks at the workplace.

Fire is one of the risks that are likely to occur. There are instances when the occurrence of a fire cannot be avoided. A variety of measures can, however, be taken to reduce the overall risk. (DeHaan, 1991) Managers always have to carry out risk management in the organization in order to avoid loss. This paper is dealing with the significance of carrying out a risk assessment. It also includes means of escape that have to be incorporated in buildings. There is a further explanation of building regulations of the United Kingdom and the need for adhering to them. Building regulations Building regulations are very important in this twenty-first century.

This is considering the fact that many people come up with buildings which may pose threats to life and property. This could be done with or without the knowledge that the buildings are risky. These issues have been affected by costs of living standards, therefore, making many investors use short cuts. This means that without any regulations to be adhered to then there would be great risks. The analysis shows there are set building regulations which have to be adhered to by relevant people in the United Kingdom.

This is in relation to the building and regulations Act. Research shows that these building regulations are very important in ensuring that any occurrence of fire does not easily spread out to the whole building. When these set regulations are adhered to, then they help in preventing the fire from easily starting within buildings. It is quite imperative to note that these set regulations do not just consider fire cases only. They, however, include prevention of other possible risks like collapsing of buildings due to the use of inappropriate materials.

These regulations put in place requirements in terms of proper materials that have to be used when building. This is carried out so that possibility of losing lives and property can be highly minimised. It is a requirement in accordance with U. K building regulations that walls should have linings that are made of fire-resistant material. This helps in preventing the fire from spreading from one room to the other through walls. Floors and ceilings have to be fire rated so that they don’ t easily catch fire.

This is a very essential requirement, especially in storied buildings. (Dugan, 2004) To avoid fire from spreading easily from one room to the other through wall cavities, building regulations require that breaks be fitted in between them. This helps a great deal as professional research shows that these cavities act as fire fans whereby fire can easily spread throughout an entire building unnoticed.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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