Essays on Fire Safety Assignment

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Background of fire safetyOutbreaks of fires at work place bring about great loses (Onyango, 1984). Fires destroy buildings and raw materials that are used for production as well as products that are produced or stored in the warehouse (Robinson, 1998). Fire outbreaks lead into death of employees, disables employees or clients in the premises and cause physical, emotional and psychological problem. A family looses a bread winner and this reduces the standard of living of the family (Onyango, 1984). Economically, the government loses revenue in terms of tax that the employee and the company would have paid. Insurance company suffer through compensation of the persons injured in the fire incident, those who died and compensation of the company in terms of raw materials lost and processed products burnt (Ronald W, 2003). Fire outbreaks need methods of better control, prevention and management. Statement of the problemMany work places don’t have appropriate mechanical and electrical devices to prevent spread of fires.

Some work places don’t have defined means of escape in place in the event of fire outbreak. This arises when the premise doesn’t meet minimum requirements as outlined by building regulation act (Buckle & Mars, 2000). In many work places, the employees don’t have skills or sufficient training in fire prevention and fire control.

These employees don’t understand guidelines provided for in the fire safety order 2005 (Buckle & Mars, 2000). In many work places, fire risk assessment is not carried out. Objectives of fire safety studyTo determine importance of carrying out fire risk assessmentTo investigate guidelines that a premise should satisfy according to building regulation actTo investigate if employees or personnel in charge have knowledge and practice fire safety order 2005Hypothesis for testing in fire safetyIf fire risk assessment is carried out periodically, the personnel in charge may know areas of interest that can lead into outbreak of fire and recommend maintenance. If the building satisfies building regulation act, employees are able to get out of the building to a safe place.

At the same time, there would be sufficient time the building would have sufficient tool to warn employees when there is outbreak of fire. If the personnel in charge of premise or production follow fire safety order 2005, cases of fire outbreaks would be minimal. Significance of fire safety in a work placeThe fire safety report will provide Knowledge on fire safety that would enable the personnel in charge to have all staff trained on fire fighting and ensure the staff understands necessary precautions in handling inflammable substances. The report on fire safety will provide sufficient information on importance of fire risk assessment and why it is necessary for workplaces to have an up-to-date report on fire risk assessment.

The report will provide necessary information on fire safety at work place to ensure workers are more productive, their efficiency and output is more on understanding their work place is fire risk free. The report will provide information on safety precaution necessary in the event of fire and offer guidance of standards of safety that a building should have.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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