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ABSTRACTIt is of utmost importance for every organization, whether commercial, residential or industrial to incorporate a proper and systematic fire risk assessment plan for meeting the future incontingencies and unexpected fire hazards. Prevention and rescue operations for fire events require a detailed study of the principles and application of 'Means of Escape' within a commercial and non-commercial building along with the enclosure of various means of electrical and mechanical fire prevention equipments and methods. The following report deals with the above mentioned issues along with the significance of the Fire Safety Act 2005 in U. K.

and the prevention of fire by applying the Building Regulations. INTRODUCTIONIn Great Britain, previously, fire certificates were handed out by the authorized fire services but from 2006, individual business identities are required to carry on their own fire risk assessment procedure. It is very difficult to control and eradicate the evil of fire blaze altogether from the building structures etc, however one can definitely reduce and diminish the happening of unanticipated and unwanted proceedings and actions. A well formulated and strategized communication policy for immediate alarming and awareness of the occupants can be imbibed in the fire system by using the mechanical and electrical fire safety devices. The implication of the Building Regulation lay down by the Britain government mainly during the construction phases of the building are very crucial so as to avoid and control the spreading of fire in the adjacent areas and prevent the destruction to the stipulated province or borough.

The fire risk assessment management deals with the coordination of all the components initiating from the conception to the realization stage of the safety plan for the fire prevention and rescue operations.

SIGNIFICANCE OF FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTRisk is a term used to comprehend any kind of loss or destruction which can be caused in future due existence of some undesirable event. Risk assessment reveals the quantitative and the qualitative factors of obliteration and annihilation which a future risk entails. However, the Fire risk assessment strategy or management deals with the procedure or course of action to prevent and control the manifestations of fire menace. The fire assessment could be conducted in different means and can be broken down in numerous sections; however the complete process of risk assessment can be summarized into few steps such as firstly the potential fire risk hazards which can be encountered in future need to be identified, secondly finding out all the people who can be harmed or affected by occurrence of such disastrous events, thirdly different methods and techniques for mitigation of risks and threats needs to be explored, a complete fire safety document with a pre-panned action plan to combat the threat needs to be chalked out, and last but not the least the fire safety risk assessment needs to be modified and updated as per the changes in the environment and the incorporation of latest tools and technology of the time (Mackintosh I, 2008). It is quintessential to carry the approach of fire risk assessment in a practical and systematic manner.

The whole of the building must be taken into account rather than a consolidated area, even the outdoor locations or rarely used vacant areas must be considered. A Multi hazard approach needs to be implemented clearly categorizing the degree of fire intensity such as low, medium, and high, so as to counter all loopholes of fire incidents.

A formula for calculation of risks and its level can be used according to which a strategy can be framed.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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