Essays on Fire Safety Managment And Legislation Assignment

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IntroductionThe University of Central Lancashire has a new building that has been built to comprise of a studio, theatre and business centre. I am a well trained Fire Marshall with hands on skills on planning and fighting fire incidents at different levels. In the design of the fire management plan for the University, I had to consider the Fire Safety Order and the BS 9999 standards which are laws which govern on how fire issues should be handled in a building. As a consultant, I would to look at the specific laws that would apply to the University of Lancashire and come up with recommendations that they should apply.

Generally, I would recommend a fire management plan that ensures safety and proper safeguards for all students at the facility. Fire PolicyIn the process of coming up with a fire management policy it is important for the University to consider the laws and regulations that control fire management. As a consultant the University has come up with good controls that allow for a fire management plan to be adopted easily.

As a result, I have advised the university to come up with a policy hat sums up their approach towards fire and this policy statement is “to maintain high standards of security and fire protection to all faculties, staff and visitors within the university. ” The first task that I had to undertake in the process of developing a fire management plan was to engage all stakeholders in the process of developing the policy/plan (McBeth 109). In the process of engaging all stakeholders a person gets to know of policies laid down in the process of managing and fighting fire within the University (Drysdale 96).

In the process of developing the University’s fire management plan, I worked a lot with the head of security since this was the person who was in charge of security and implementation of the fire policy (Clement 85). Due to my prior training in fire, I had to consider the policies and strategies developed by the University in their pursuit of developing a fire management policy. The University of Central Lancashire had the head of security in charge of security and all risks such as fire.

The University policy only included emergency evacuation and fire fighting using equipments such as fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency exits (Greenwood 92). The drawing up and implementation of the University’s fire management plan will be undertaken by me and the head of security. Fire Management PlanThe University of Central Lancashire will adopt a fire management plan that follows that is line with the set laws and regulations since the University has a legal obligation to protect people around their premises under the Fire Safety Order (FSO) and the BS 9999: 2008 standards.

This was Fire Management Plan was drawn so that the University can manage fire risks appropriately. The Fire Management Plan will look into the following areas: Purpose: This document has been prepared by a fire expert in consultation with the University Security Team and Departmental heads to equip them with information and perspectives of fire policies and procedures. The main purpose of the document is to equip the University with information on how to fight fire risks and be informed of fire safety measures.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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