Essays on Fire Safety Managment And Legislation Assignment

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IntroductionEvery year people are seriously injured and some due to fires in non- domestic buildings. Beside the risk factor on the human part, businesses and institutions in UK lose properties worth millions of pounds in terms fire damage, compensation, insurance premiums and fines. All these can be minimized through use of a well-designed fire safety management plan (CIBSE, 2003). The University of Central Lancashire has a legal obligation to ensure safety and health of all the occupants of Media factory building which was designed to help students and businesses drive forward the success of the North West’s creative sector. This fire safety management plan is designed in accordance with the UK fire legislation (Britain, 2005).

Its main aim is to create fire safety awareness among the cosmopolitan occupants of the Media Factory building and formulate emergency procedures that will be observed in case of a fire outbreak. The plan also involves guidelines that will ensure that the fire systems in the building and the evacuation procedures are maintained properly. It also requires that all the permanent staffs undertake basic fire training that will ensure they are totally aware of their safety responsibilities in case of fire emergency. Media Factory building is a large infrastructure and fire is a considerable risk based on the nature of activities taking place in it.

The Media factory building houses several facilities which includes; studio space, high tech workspaces and offices, theatre halls, centre for employability and has the space for a number of small businesses to take advantage of new PCs and internet connections. It also features its own publishing house, theatre space and art house cinema.

Thus the objective of this fire safety management plan is to enable the University of Central Lancashire to manage the risk appropriately, safely and effectively. PurposeThe primary purpose of this fire safety management plan is to ensure safety of all occupants of the Media factory building is maintained. This document has been developed to provide information to the University and the building occupants on how to manage fire risks and ways in which the university fraternity will be informed or educated on fire safety measures. ObjectivesThe fire safety management plan has five main objectives (CIBSE, 2003): Ensuring that a comprehensive and effective risk management process is well applied across the building to ensure high safety level for property and its occupantsEnsure fire safety problems are effectively and quickly contained or resolved as soon as they arise. Ensure the Media Factory building and the University in general fully complies with the fire safety legal obligationsEnsure the occupants of the building are appropriately trained and provided with necessary information on fire safetyCreate awareness of fire safety systems and the emergency protocols to be observed in case of fire or explosion. Fire Safety Policy StatementThe University of Central Lancashire recognizes that fire poses a great risk to the life and health of its students, staff and visitors who visitors who visit the Media Factory building.

Property damage due to fire also poses a significant risk. Therefore, the university is determined to ensure fire safety is a priority and will be managed in compliance with the legal and statutory requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 (Britain, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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