Essays on Fire Safety Mgmt & Legistlation Essay

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IntroductionThe Media Factory of the University of Lancashire was built to provide students and business with opportunities to grow and develop their skills and talents through state of the art offices, studio, theatre, cinema, and high technology. However, since such complex building will be occupied by large number of people including the very young and the elderly, people with disabilities and others, fire safety is of great of concern. These include complying with laws pertaining fire safety and in particular the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, guiding documents for fire safety risk assessment for educational premises, means of escape for disabled people, and others.

The following sections detail the proposed fire safety management plan for Media Factory. Policy StatementSimilar to other buildings, the Media Factory is vulnerable to fire and its negative effects particularly in people’s well-being and property. Came into force in 2006, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 must be followed in order to protect not only the occupants of Media Factory and its facility but neighbouring area from the devastating effect of fire. For this reason, this fire safety management plan take into account the reduction or complete elimination of fire hazards, strategic placement of fire protection devices, development and implementation of evacuation strategy, consideration to the physical and cognitive ability of occupants, suitability and reliability of fire protection measures.

This fire safety management will also ensure that regular audit and update is implemented particularly when there are changes such as alterations and modifications in Media Factory’s structure. Management StructureThe head of the University of Lancashire will lead the implementation of this fire safety management plan.

He is the responsible person who will ensure that low level management understand and take full responsibility of their roles in keeping the Media Factory safe from fire. The fire safety management structure includes: The Human Resources Director of the University will be responsible for fire safety management plan development and implementationDeans of school who as a team will be responsible for allocating resources for all teams mentioned in this fire safety management plan. The Head of Services will lead all services personnel working in the building and ensure that these personnel understand their role in fire safety and evacuation strategy.

Trained in different evacuation phases, the selected Fire Marshalls must carry out their duties and responsibilities as specified in the evacuation strategy. Fire risk assessment for the Media Factory will be conducted by the Health and Safety Department. The team (headed by its manager) from this department must be able to advice other building personnel on fire safety. The Head of Property Service will take full responsibility on the maintenance of fire safety equipment and other works required in order to reduce risks of fire in the building.

Strategy for EvacuationAside from considering the adequacy of means of escape and quality of safety measures, this evacuation strategy also takes into account the possibility that there disabled people who need assistance and temporary place of safety or refuge (Means of Escape for Disabled, 2007, p. 7). Moreover, since Media Factory is considered part of educational premises, it will comply with the building regulation’s guidance for this type of facility such as providing fire-resistant refuge, adequate escape routes as determined through the number of people that will be using the building in a particular time, raising awareness about fire safety and evacuation procedures, installation of fire safety and evacuation signs in escape routes, fire drills and training for staff particularly those that will be involve in actual evacuation (Educational Premises, 2007, p. 108; (BS 5499, (2000), Part 4).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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