Essays on Significance of Fire Risk Assessment in the Workplace in the United Kingdom Case Study

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The paper "Significance of Fire Risk Assessment in the Workplace in the United Kingdom" is a great example of a management case study. According to the law of the land in the United Kingdom, every business has to comply with fire and safety order 2005. This usually entails carrying out a risk assessment of the commercial business property. Protection officers have to audit the report in order to ascertain the overall compliance level to required standards. The employer, user of premises or the owner of the premises has to ensure that all the requirements are strictly adhered to.

(Morgan, 2005) This clearly indicates that in case of any fire occurrence within the premises then the person deemed responsible will be accountable to the relevant authorities. This paper therefore clearly identifies the significance of fire risk assessment in the workplace. There is also an explanation of principles of means of escape in a commercial building. There is a further explanation of how building regulations help in preventing the fire from spreading throughout the whole building. (Alexander, 2004) 2.0 Significance of risk assessment Fire risk assessment can be referred to as an organized evaluation of potential harm within premises that are fire-related.

This has o be carried out even if the building or premises have been previously approved. So why is it important to carry out a fire risk assessment? There is a great significance in carrying out a fire risk assessment at the workplace. (Andersen, 1998) The first importance in carrying out fire risk assessment within premises is that the management will be able to know of any potential hazard therein. This will enable them to carry out proper measures in order to alleviate or even reduce the risks.

This means that there will be no loss of property, injuries or deaths as a result of fires. This helps in ensuring that staff and customers at the workplace are safe. Carrying out a fire risk assessment will help in knowing whether the building or premises comply with the required standards. The other importance of carrying out a fire and risk assessment is to ensure that proper planning is carried out in relation to rescue measures in case the risk occurs.

This helps in preventing panic during such occurrences. Risk assessment enables the management to know the people who can be harmed in case of a fire. The management at the workplace is, therefore, able to make all prior arrangements on facilities that can be used during an evacuation in case a fire occurs. The fire risk assessment also helps since these people can be given education concerning how they can escape in case of a fire. (Crockford, 1986) For instance, the staff within a workplace can be given training on how to escape when there is a fire.

Training can also be given concerning actions that may result in a fire at the workplace. This includes information concerning the storage of flammable equipment, liquids or materials that easily ignite. The assessment also allows the management to know whether the fire precautions available are sufficient or further actions have to be carried out. (Robertson, 1989) Using the fire risk assessment report, the management can easily get advice from the fire authority concerning any other governmental authorization that is required. This helps in preventing closure of business due to non-compliance with the set standards related to fire risks.

It is also a very essential venture since proper planning can be carried out on how to quench the fire when it occurs. Other plans may include incorporating systems that will alert the occupants of the premises early enough when a fire occurs. These include smoke and fire alarms that are able to alert occupants within the premises. This definitely helps in saving many lives that would otherwise be lost in the inferno.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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