Essays on Fire Service In The USA Assignment

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BackgroundFire service at The New York City Fire DepartmentThe New York City fire department is mandated to “protect the citizens and property of New York City's five boroughs from fires and fire hazards, providing emergency medical services, technical rescue as well as providing first response to biological, chemical and radioactive hazards”. The fire fighting and emergency response unit has Brooklyn as its headquarters. It is the largest organization in the United States of America that is non profit making and deal with the cases of fire breakouts. In the analysis of the number of employees it is estimated that the department alone has “11,600 officers under uniforms in addition to firefighters plus above 3,200 EMTs who are also uniformed as well as paramedics. ” The organization is faced with a lot of challenges some of which go beyond the basic fire fighting procedures.

The organization of fire services at New York City Fire DepartmentAt New York City Fire Department the socialization process is in line with the organizational culture and history of the company. The company has the audacity to show concern to organization’s socialization process which eventually creates an enabling working environment for the new employees of the company in building confidence while discharging duties of which is always reflected by positive results realized by the organization.

At New York City Fire Department new recruits are first given an overall orientation of the usual daily activities of the company and then organized into their specific units and working groups. These working groups provide an interactive environment to both the coworker s (unofficial) and their superiors (officials) (Kramer, 143-67). Exposure to the different company activities and working in different units and groups is one of the company norm that would enable an employee continue working successfully at New York City Fire Department. It is through units and groups that an employee comes to understand the values that are embraced at the company enabling them to achieve a forward progress with fellow coworkers as w ell as their superiors.

New York City Fire Department Company embraces a cordial relationship among its employees. Therefore every employee is required to maintain this good relationship in order to succeed in its or her endeavourer to accomplish its or her assigned work.

This will enable an employee to stay for long at New York City Fire Department Company (Kramer, 145-67). EnvironmentThe environment in the workplace determines the success of good working relationships. The idea of the fear of attending to the workplace is not appreciable among the majority of the workers. The reduction of the work load among the workers and their employers will help solve this situation because the stress that is associated with work is significantly minimized that may result to the unpleasant environment of work.

The driving of innovation is dependent on the extent of the friendliness of the environment of work. The creation of the environment that is friendly depends on the styles of leadership in addition to the efforts of improving the motivation of the employees. Initiative in addition to creativity are required if this has to be accomplished (Deci & Ryan, 56-76).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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