Essays on Fire Safety Designs Solutions with the Architect and Building Control Officer Assignment

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The paper “ Fire Safety Designs Solutions with the Architect and Building Control Officer” is an impressive example of the assignment on management. On appointment to the position of fire officer, it is adept to be up to date, without proper fire fighting and control strategies; the organization would lose great value in case of such accidents which are inevitable in such situations. The report is aimed at determining the best way to deal with and protect life and property against fire accidentsHowever, the kind of function undertaken within the building is a determinant on the best ways to guard the building against fire, as in the care of the organization in place, arts and entertainment require a source of power for both lighting and instruments being that most of the instruments currently requires electric energy (Delmar, 2004, p.

21). With the technological advancement in the area, it is needful that thereof us meet to discuss the necessary alterations that could be done to increase the protection against the risk of fire within the organization. In order for the organization, o be safe from fire, we do not only need to concentrate on the building but also the surrounding area which depicts a lot with respect to organization insecurity.

In the resent cases of fire within the organization, we realize that more than 40% of the risks incurred are as a result of external sources of atrocities which causes a lot of damage to organizations du to ignorance and lack of concern in the obvious issued that could b avoided at extremely low costs (Richard, 1998, p. 18). From the organizational tour a few hours ago which was aimed at determining the base of our discussion, in accordance to my area of study and operation, the field of emergency requires quick response o problems with determination of not only a solution to the current issues but on how best the organization could eradicate such problems over a long period of time.

I realized that the number of fire extinguishers in place is not adequately distributed, for instance, within an estimated area in square meters there is supposed to be a specific number of extinguishers.

Despite the length of the hose pipe, different kinds of fire require different quantities of foam for extinguishing, hence availing adequate equipment is of importance (Klaene, 2007, p. 74).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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