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Communication devices and their application in TV documentaries An intention to disseminate data, specific information, speculative concepts and contemplated ideologies through visual medium and involving usage of discreet communication devices which cumulatively blend in to form a Documentary film. The documentary owes a remarkable segregation from the clan of the movies or commercially encrusted visual media which tend to overstate, understate or rarely depict the real scenarios as per the requisite demands and need for profitability. A documentary often endows around a particular message and sets up data facts and other relevant details to garnish the overall details about the theme and make it baroque to the best possible means, quite comparable to those of movies.

A documentary depicts facts and information in a way quite similar to that of a movie but never leaves the trajectory of veracity to maintain an ecstasy that ensures relevance to no assumptions or inflated ideologies, thus sticking to be just narrative about the topic concerned. To illustrate the prolific usage of various communication devices in making documentaries and their relevant role in respective segments is the prime target of this essay.

We intend to do this via two different documentaries broadcasted on Australian television, one featuring on the cultural heritage of Australia viz. the De Groot’s sword and the other features on how the exterior of Australian Qantas airlines Airbus is designed and painted. We will project the individualistic role of various communication devices used in this entire course of documentaries. Groot’s sword is a documentary that illustrates the historical and cultural significance of one of the most popular cultural heritages of Australia.

The usage of various communication devices like photographic camera, sound recording systems and other media storage devices which make it relevant to portray the historic clips and subsequently co relate them with the adjoining applications of the mentioned scenarios. Francis De Groot was an Irish leader of 15 hussars in World War 1 when he got awarded with a ceremonial sword. He then came to Sydney and started working as a furniture dealer. His significance in Australian history brimmed during the opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge where he disguised as a normal official riding the horse and made the dignitaries to work in for the official opening of the entire proceedings.

Consequently de Groot got arrested and his famous ceremonial sword got confiscated. The documentary shows the relative importance of this ceremonial sword as a crucial part of the Australian cultural heritage and how did the Sydney harbour opening made a dramatic change over the cultural scenario in the country. The documentary video is quite successful in relevance depiction of this monumental evidence and the narrator used rhetorical proficiency to explain how well did it actually impacted the political scenario at that particular moment in the nation.

Taking into considerations the various underlying messages conveyed through these modes of communication, we should look at the core value added at the cultural value edge of it. The rhetorical question posed on by the narrator actually incited a provoking for the need to unveil various historical secrets kept by the adhering realty of the Groot’s sword. The naming of the sword is not so relevant because of its bearer but on account of historical and political testimony linked to it.

The name signifies the misappropriate usage of authority and disguise by the army official to envisage his rebellion repost and to convoke the spark of altruism. Several connotations came as the strategic intent thrown by the various need oriented motif garnered by generic implication semantics thereof. The word choice has been extremely simple and cases which tend to segment and then consolidate the historic vitality of the theme. The influential actions are a critical portion of the entire storyline to which the theme is centrally subjected to.

The history and the cultural heritage of such a prosperous nation itself creates an identity in coherence with the due course of actions sufficed by De Groot‘s motif to make his mark in the forthcoming generations and a endless tale of history.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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