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The paper Realistic Long-term And Short-term Process and Outcome Goals ' is a great example of a Business Essay. Staffing goals (process and outcome) of Chern’ s sales associate incorporate the strategies of the business (Phillips & Gully 2009). One of the long-term process goals will be staffing efficiently because they are not intending to use part-time employees in their operations. Dedication is one of the core principles of the company and thus, the permanent staff has been able to prove to the managers that they are more than willing to stand for the company in times of crisis and in time of advancement.

By having a staff that is efficient in their operations and line of duty, the company will be assured of having an increased customer/clientele base. The sales revenue of the company is also bound to increase and thus, more incentives will be awarded to the competitive employees. Secondly, by complying with the laws and policies of hiring in the organization, the HR department and managers hiring the sales associates will be avoiding the risk of hiring unqualified individuals on the basis of corruption.

Hiring laws and policies of the organization help the management and concerned parties to be ethical in their proceedings or dealings. Being a recognized company in the globe, Chern’ s should be very vigilant in maintaining their standards of equality and fairness that have been able to place them at the forefront of other companies. In addition, this has enabled them to maintain their trading standards in the market hence, attracting more customers. Thirdly, set timeline hiring goals should be adhered to by Chern’ s managers. By following this set of rules, managers will not be tempted to engage in illegal activities with the aim of making extra money on their side.

This is because, it will ruin the reputation level of the company and thus, losing some of its loyal customers. This is a short-term goal for this company since they have their own set of rules and guidelines with regard to hiring employees. At some point, they consider referrals made by their present employees and so such rules do not automatically apply in such instances.

However, during the whole hiring process, the managers are vigilant and observant in bearing in mind the strategies applied by the company. Long-term outcome goals linked to Chern’ s case will include sales associates meeting the needs of stakeholders as they carry out their duties and responsibilities in the company. Stakeholders in a business environment are very important people who should be satisfied because they contribute a larger percentage to the smooth running of operations. A business entity cannot survive without stakeholders supporting the activities and daily running of the business operations due to the fact that they contribute to its business strategic plan.

The business aims at providing its customers with the best services, quality, selection, and value and thus, the stakeholders see to it that all these requirements are met for the business to thrive. Each of the stakeholders contributes to one aspect or another to see to it that the business is running smoothly and that all departments are meeting set deadlines (Ployhart et al 2006).


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