Essays on Difficulties in Expressing Ideas in Higher Education Assignments Research Proposal

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Introduction Many students have over time had problems with expressing their ideas in their assignments in higher education. On my part as a student in higher education I am faced with various challenges while trying to put into expressing my ideas in any particular assignment. The problems and challenges ranges from following the using the exact vocabularies/terminologies that are expected for my subject areas, writing in a language desired in the particular subject, citation and reference style required by the faculty, idealization of my thoughts in a way that I am able to arrange my thoughts on paper.

Moreover, there is the problem of grammatical errors which I believe can be dealt with by the tutors commenting on my written assignments. Literature Review From The Routledge international handbook of higher education, efforts to help build a responsive mind to different needs as well as that of other students as in our level of skills and also the level of knowledge attending to the students as individuals, there is need that the instruction techniques be advanced where the assignments will be inclusive of the learner’s ability while at the same time valuing diversity, this may help in the accommodation of a wide range of the abilities of student. This research is importance for as it tries to solve my individual problem, it will lso help other students who are faced with the problem of difficulties in expressing ideas in higher education assignments in the future. Analysis According to Morey (2000) assessments and assignments in the academic courses are meant to increase a student’s control over their work and also increase the student’s motivation.

An inclusive curriculum is one that utilizes various types of assessment so that it can reveal the students capabilities in the masterly of the subject matter as well as considering the individuals differences i. e.

in the way we all express our knowledge. As it is asserted that many students may benefit from the written assignment which in essence allows them to explore their thoughts and ideas. I am one of the diverse learners who have difficulties in the expressing my ideas in the assignments that are found here at higher education. Methodology As part of my research, I intend to in depth expound on the problem of using the exact vocabularies/terminologies as well as language level desired in a subject area.

The problem makes me feel not at par with the rest of the every time we are given an assignment. From a research, it is said that this is in most times the process of interplay between a student’s ideological notions they have of the academic discourse and also the influences from many other more dominant discourses. This problem is evident in the fact that I am not able to effectively, I will do this by; Putting down a procedure using the right words or say the required terminologies that suit a subject.

In the endeavor to be able to put down my thoughts and ideas in my assignments it is all clear that there is need for collective interception between me as a student and my instructors to be able to learn and apply various aspects that are found to miss out in my assignments. Literacy Strategies Different frameworks maybe used in trying to understand how constraining writing in higher education can be evident to students and also be able to consider the processes that can be used in place to make the practices of communication ideas in writing more explicit.

According to the British Association for Applied Linguistics, literacy strategies are said to be easy to incorporate in any of the learning writing and in the content areas or subject. To be able to make the best out of literacy strategies, I believe I need my instructors to scaffold reading and writing strategies with the subject areas in which I have mentioned to having difficulties in expressing my ideas in assignments.

This is because students are said to increase comprehension, and expand vocabulary through the use of these strategies. My teachers should be able to assist me build new knowledge on what I have already known. This I believe would help me become a lifelong learner who will remain active as well as an independent writer and thinker. On the other hand, I believe the findings of this research will benefit me much from writing exercises because it will allow me know how to explore my thoughts and ideas.

This can be achieved by there being assignments that focuses on exploring the thoughts and ideas rather than one that focuses on the writing mechanics alone. I believe that as a diverse learner, I may face particular difficulty when am not given an opportunity to demonstrate my strength in leadership, hands on problem solving as well as creativity. In trying to look at the ways that this can be improve on an individual perspective, I believe there is need for the faculty to bring in and provide open ended assignments that will allow me as a diverse learner to be able to explore more ideas and experience not forgetting that they will be able to engage in a more holistic learning experience.

More to this, there should be a greater effort coming from the faculty where the members provide with a unique and non-traditional methods which I will believe will allow me to draw upon my talent thus improving what I find difficult while trying to express my ideas as well as thoughts in the assignments that are given to us day in day out by the instructors of my different units.

Conclusion As a student and with diverse background which may include race, class, gender and ability, I enter to a classroom having needs that are different as well as the need for different learning styles that in one way or the other maybe neglected. This is by no way to say that I am neglected in the classroom but to sound the need for the instructors to embrace diverse learners in the classroom and there be put an outlet where these issues such as my problem with expressing myself in the assignments where the learning and teaching environments are created.

This makes this research an important one and one which will be going deep to unearth what is needed to be able to solve this problem for me and other students like me so. References David Graddol, S. T. (1995). Language in a changing Europe. British Association for Applied Linguistics. Tight, M. (2009). The Routledge international handbook of higher education.

New York: Routledge.


David Graddol, S. T. (1995). Language in a changing Europe. British Association for Applied Linguistics.

Tight, M. (2009). The Routledge international handbook of higher education. New York: Routledge.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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