Essays on Structural Issues Relating to HP Case Study

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The paper "Structural Issues Relating to HP" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Organizational structure provides the protocol over which tasks are allocated, coordinated, and supervised. This is done in line with the organization's set objectives, missions, and goals. It sets the pace as the viewing glass through which individuals can be able to identify with the organization and its environment. Organizational structure comes to inform of hierarchical structures. However, not all organizations will adopt this as there are a variety of organizational structures. This includes; pre-bureaucratic, bureaucratic, post-bureaucratic, Functional, divisional, and matrix structures.

All these varieties can be adopted depending on the company’ s needs and objectives. It enables the allocation of different responsibilities for different functions and processes to different entities such as branches, departments, workgroups, and even individuals. These structures affect the organization in several ways from service delivery to discipline in the company. Basically, it affects it in two major ways; first, it sets the foundation over which standard operating procedures and routine rests. Finally, it gives authority to individuals who get to participate in which decision making process and to what extent their views can influence and impact the organization's actions.

This paper is a report on an analysis of HP’ s structural challenge and how that can be fixed. It is a case study report that indicates how management has an influence on the functionality of HP’ s company. This paper will present the background of this case study to validate the line of thought on the role of the organizational structure in the performance of the HP Company. A SWOT analysis will also enable us to identify internal and external factors responsible for the downfall of HP Company.

This will enable us to identify the potential challenges faced by the organization. It will assist to make out the potential and future threats about the structural issues that influence the working of the company. In addition, it will help us find possible solutions to the challenges facing the Company. Finally, it will culminate in the recommendations on ways to salvage the company from organizational structural challenges facing it. This paper will also mention other cases that had similar organizational challenges and how they have solved the problems.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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