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The paper "Flight Center Ltd - International Operations with Canada" is a perfect example of a business case study.   The Flight Center Ltd is based in Australia, and it has its operations in about eleven other countries worldwide. These countries include New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, the UK, and Canada. This report has reviewed the international business, political, legal and regulatory environments for the Flight Center in Canada. Canada has one of the best environments for doing business and even for settlement in the world. Canada is the most closely related country with the USA, and this alone makes the economy of Canada a growing and a stable one, making the environment suitable for business (Zimmerman, 2008). However, this close relationship means that the political and regulatory factors in the US directly affect the travel agencies in Canada.

For instance, the new security rules by the USA are very expensive and hard for Canada travel agencies and the travel industry to comply with (Potter, 2009). Another thing is the frequency of terrorist attacks in the US, making terrorist attacks in Canada become frequent.

Though these attacks are usually mostly indiscriminate, they usually affect Canada based on its close relationship with the USA. The inconsistency in Canada’ s social environment makes business trends by the Flight Center Canada to be very inconsistent and unpredictable. Also, the diversity of the customer categories causes a huge segmentation in the business of the travel agency. Trade fairs in Canada create such a great opportunity for Flight Center Canada. Flight Center Canada also has a great opportunity for short-break travellers who travel between Canada and the USA every day (Shalla, 2006). Part II: Introduction to Report Among the various travel agencies in Australia, Flight Center Limited is the largest and the most renowned travel agency.

Flight Center Ltd, though mainly based in Australia, has its services reaching far and wide to other countries. Also, the company has made foreign investments in eleven other countries, and these countries include New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, the UK, and Canada (Zimmerman, 2008). The purpose of this report is to review the international business, political and economic environment of Canada, one of the countries of operation of Flight Center Ltd.

Most of the data for the report will be obtained from secondary sources such as journals, news, books and credible sources from the internet. Part III: Body of ReportPart III (a) POLITICAL ECONOMY ENVIRONMENT Canada is one of the countries in the entire world that are recognized for having the best environment for business and for living. Life in Canada is said to be very stable and the economy is ever-growing. Canada is very closely related to the US in every aspect, and the border between the two nations is unfortified to ensure free movement and interaction between the two.

However, there are political, legal and regulatory factors that affect business, specifically the travel agency business, in Canada both positively and negatively (Sorensen & Williams, 2010). Canada is very closely related to the USA, and this means that the political and regulatory factors in the US directly affect the travel agencies in Canada. For instance, the regulatory environment of the US has become more stringent, with new security rules for the USA being put across.

Canada has more potential for business in the US than in Toronto, it's the capital city, and this makes it compulsory for it to comply. Complying with the new rules in the US for security has become quite an expensive task for the Flight Center Canada, among other travel agencies, and this has greatly affected the business therein (Littlejohn & Carleton University, 2009).


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