Essays on Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, and Methods Coursework

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The paper "Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, and Methods" is a worthy example of coursework on statistics. The survey was designed by COMPASS for FMSCA to evaluate the response of its employees after conducting a training organized by the Human Resources Department. The anonymity and confidentiality of the respondents are not indicated anywhere on the survey. There is no place where the respondents give their names, thus this clearly shows that there is anonymity in the survey and because of anonymity, there is no need for confidentiality. There are no specific instructions at the beginning of the survey.

The questionnaire reminds the respondents of the importance of participating in the survey and what the survey objective is. There are various items used in the survey, one of them is the quality of the training, the respondents were asked to state the quality of training. What expectation they had prior to the training and if the expectation were met. The organizers wanted to find out how the training related to each of the attendant's positions and roles. Another time used was the clarity of the information disseminated to the attended, if there were any diagrams and visual aids sued to communicate the message.   The survey also sought to know if the facilitators allowed for feedback and suggestion from the audience.

Apart from the curriculum as the main source of the items used in the training, the use of the internet was another source. The participants were asked if about their experience while using the online interface in the training and other additional comments related to the training. Yes, there are a few instances where the questions used more than one item to answer a certain variable.

One of the variables that used a number of times was the quality of the training; this item was covered in the curriculum, the online interface and in the additional comments where the questions asked were directly related to the quality (Chance & Rossman, 2005). The shortest item is on the additional comments or questions. The question was “ Other Comments? ” .It has two elements in it. Although the item was the shortest, it would attract either short or detailed information from the respondents depending on the perspectives.

On the other hand, the item with the longest elements is questions 12 and 12 which have a total of 12 elements each. The total number of items shown on the survey is 14. The questions are divided into three sections, on average it would take fifteen to twenty minutes to fill the form appropriately. There are a number of statistical analyses that would be used in analyzing the data collected from the survey. One of them is measures of central tendencies, the mean, mode and median of the data collected can be used to come up with the survey results.

Another method that can be used is linear correlation and regression, conducting calculation to find the linear correlation and regression can point out the behavior of the respondents in line with the terms used in the survey. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) can be sued if the results are geared toward getting a scientific analysis of the survey. All the mentioned methods are quantitative; however, qualitative methods can also be used.

The results used can be compared with other similar studies and a thorough literature review.   In conclusion, the main purpose of the training is to measure whether the objectives of the training were met and find ways of improving future training conducted by the company (Chance & Rossman, 2005).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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