Essays on Effects on HRM Practice in Chinese MNCs Operating in Australia Case Study

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The paper 'Effects on HRM Practice in Chinese MNCs Operating in Australia" is a good example of a management case study. This chapter seeks to compile, examine and assess the data collected through the semi-structured interviews. Using a qualitative research approach embedded in the interpretive paradigm, it analyses and presents data collected from respondents from six Chinese companies currently operating in Australia. The key aim of the chapter is to draw out relevant data obtained in the course of the data collection process that can be used to address the identified research questions and generate accurate information and meaning on the country of origin effects on HRM practice in Chinese MNCs operating in Australia. Firstly, this chapter provides a brief profile of the six Chinese companies involved in this company.

Secondly, it assesses the data collected from these companies regarding their strategic reasons for setting up subsidiaries in Australia and the role that IHRM plays in the success of their overseas operations. Thirdly, this chapter assesses the data collected on the major factors that affect HRM strategies in these companies and the country of origin effect on HRM strategies and managerial decision-making.

It further assesses data collected on National culture and institutionalism and HR Practices in these six companies and the HR practices used by these six companies in their subsidiaries. Moreover, this chapter examines the data collected on the differences between home and host country's HRM practices. In this case, this chapter depicts the interaction between the home and host country variables. Subsequently, it looks into the firm-specific characteristics and HR strategy making in the subsidiaries of the six companies. 4.1 Company and Interviewees Profiles The data collected for this study were drawn from six well-known Chinese companies that have operated in Australia for a number of years.

All of these companies are large leading companies that continue to operate in their home country China, Australia and other countries around the world. In this study, these companies are dubbed company A, B, C, D, E and F.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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