Essays on The Needs and Requirements of Big Building Constructions Case Study

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The paper "The Needs and Requirements of Big Building Constructions " is a perfect example of a business case study. In the last 20 years, Big Building Constructions (BBC) has been present in numerous building sites in most major cities around the country. BBC is a prominent player through contributing and providing numerous services based on the requirements of the contractors and clients. When the BBC opened 20 years ago, there were only three employees, and currently, there are more than 150 employees addressing the requirements of more than 2000 trades.

The growth is attributed to the strategic directions and experiences of the employees. You, as the employees have supported and guided the business throughout and ensure the goals and aims are achieved. In addition, employees have witnessed numerous challenges and benefits throughout the development period. BBC management has continued to provide resources and environment to advance the requirements of the company and fulfil the motivational needs of the employers. Generally, the relationship can be seen as symbiotic in that the management addresses the needs of the employees while the employees accomplish the needs and requirements of the BBC. The business has grown, and the growth has reflected positively on the revenue generation and the larger impact on the society and economy.

Throughout the major cities, BBC has provided products and services to complete the requirements of the building sites (Zeithaml, Bitner and Gremler, 2010). The customization of the services and products has been possible through the support of the employees (Giovannetti, Ricchiuti and Velucchi, 2011). The experiences and techniques of the employees have guided the business on the appropriate strategies and allocation of resources to address the requirements of the business/clients.

Generally, in the last 20 years, the employees have contributed to the numerous successes of the business. Without the employees, the revenues generated, and the existence of the business would not be possible (Ong et al. 2011). Therefore, the BBC is grateful and appreciates the continuous support from employees to advance the requirements of the business.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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