Essays on Food and Beverage Management Coursework

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The paper "Food and Beverage Management" is an engrossing example of coursework on management. Foodservice refers to any kind of organization where huge amounts of food are consumed at regular intervals for a considerable length of time. In such places, catering managers are assigned the duties of ensuring that this activity runs smoothly and satisfactorily. When a system in place is not working it is up to the manager to recommend the necessary changes to be to ensure satisfaction to all parties consuming the food. In this regard, the manager has to check all the available alternatives present. The first option he/she should consult the existing foodservice systems; there are three broad divisions recognized food delivery namely convectional, cook-chill, and the cook frozen ways.

Each of these is applicable to a different organization. To determine the most effective system for a group of six hundred people, fifteen working staff, and use minimal resources to facilitate the program a critical analysis should be performed. Among the three systems, they include the conventional means which by all means is not effective for the industrial scenario.

Firstly there are very many consumers and the cooking staff is limited. Several factors eliminate conventional methods as an option these are; High labor requirements; from the operation that the system applies it evident that food is prepared when consuming individuals are available. This fact translates to the routine of high and low consumption periods. When at the peaks the labor required to meet the food supply of the consumers is very high leading to high costs of food preparations. However, in organized schedules, the staff can prepare for the peaks in advance because they are certain of the number of consumers and consumption time.

This information makes the system preferable to organizations than cafeterias. (Unklesbay, N. 1977).   Variations in food production quality and quantity; this occurs mostly if an organisation operates several small conventional catering units.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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