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The paper "Hanto Drink Product of the Queen Beverage Company " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   TheQueen BeverageCompany will be a beverage company that will be manufacturing and distributing energy and soft drinks within Australian. The company will primarily offer non-alcoholic beverages both sparkling beverages and still beverages. The still beverages will consist of soft drinks without carbonation including non-carbonated purified waters, flavoured and enhanced waters, non-carbonated energy drinks, sports drinks, juices as well as ready to drink teas and coffees. The company will be selling its products under the Bonte and Fonto drinks brand names.

The two brands which are sparkling soft drinks will be the main company products. Goals and Target market The company aims at producing at least two more new food products as well as expanding its market to the neighbouring countries. It also aims at providing flavouring ingredients such as sweeteners, fountain syrups and powders for clean water products to other beverage industries. The medium-term goal for the company is to produce a new soft drink: Hanto whose main ingredient will be honey.

The Honto soft drink will be the only one of its kind in the country since the existing companies mainly use honey in producing alcoholic drinks. Through this new food product, the company aims at capturing as many customers as possible. The main target market for the company is the people who do not consume alcoholic drinks but love sparkling drinks. Moreover, the company aims at reaching to the people who suffer from stomach problems as well as lungs. This is because a study has been conducted that revealed that honey has medicinal value especially to people suffering from stomach ulcers due to its antibacterial function.

In addition, it has been found that honey helps in suppressing cough. . (Yach, Lucio & Barroso, 2007) The company’ s mission statement We aim to provide the highest quality natural and health drinks that nourishes and delights our customers as well as promote the community well-being and the country at large. Inline to the company’ s mission statement there will be core values that the company will abide by so as to meet its goals. These values will include; inspire, nourish and delight people with our products, encourage economic growth through maximizing our short-term and long-term returns both to the company and to the shareholders, serve, support and show responsibility to the local and global community, cultivate and advance environmental stewardship by offering environment conservation programs. Idea Generation The Hanto drink production idea was generated after a deep consumer desires and likes investigation.

The products ingredients were strategically chosen in order to suit the targeted consumers. Moreover, the packaging was well designed to make sure that it created attention and attraction to the consumers. The drink which will make use of honey as the main ingredient will be among the new products that are being developed in the region using honey. Hanto will be composed of the following ingredients; honey, calories, sodium, food colour, potassium, cold water and ice cubes as well as a flavouring ingredient.

The drink will be of various flavours ranging from orange, grape, pineapple and mangoes among others. Moreover, the drink will be packaged within the company. This drink will be packed in 300ml bottle, 500ml and 1litre bottle.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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