Essays on Food Products Consumption Pattern Based on the Consumers Appraisal and Evaluation Research Proposal

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The paper "Food Products Consumption Pattern Based on the Consumer’ s Appraisal and Evaluation" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. The unwritten rule in the successful marketing of any product is the accurate comprehension of consumer behaviour. This timeless fundamental concept has therefore prompted extensive research over the years in an attempt to understand the consumers’ behaviour. Many models and theories have been put up to provide a reliable framework that provides credible grounds for explaining consumer behaviour. Regardless of this endeavor, a clear understanding of consumer behaviour still remains an elusive issue as human behaviour still remains an enigma, therefore, making it difficult to grasp. Consumer behaviour can be defined as the criterion that a presumably rational consumer will use to evaluate a product and the factors that will influence their choice of consumption given a wide range of alternatives and products.

Consumer behaviour is a wide scope; however, it will vary depending on the nature of products. Up to date, little research has been conducted on the relevance of consumer behaviour on the choice of food products.

In an attempt to shed more light on this concept, this paper seeks to review a journal article that expounds more on the food product consumption pattern based on the consumer’ s appraisal and evaluation. 2.0 Research problem The journal article under review is titled The Impact of Product Name on Dieters" and Nondieters Food Evaluations and Consumption by Irmak, Vallen, and Robinson (2011). This article is based on a consumer’ s perception of food products due to dietary concerns and how the perceived healthfulness of the product will in turn influence the perceived taste of the product, which ultimately affects the consumer pattern.

The journal article aims at addressing the problem of existing limited information regarding the correlation between dietary concerns and consumption patterns. It does so by providing linking factors, such as the perceived healthfulness of food products, taste perceptions, and consumption patterns. The article also aims at providing further knowledge on the effects that a product name will have on dieters and non-dieters evaluation of food products and ultimately their choice of the food product. 3.0 Research rationale The rationale behind this study is the fact that consumers' health consciousness has increased over the years (Irmak, Vallen and Robinson, 2011).

This has created a niche in the market with most companies rushing in to fill this gap by offering a wide variety of healthy products. It is therefore imperative that companies understand consumer behaviour and its effect on the consumer’ s consumption pattern so that they can come up with strategic and tactical marketing strategies in a highly competitive and crowded food market (Irmak, Vallen and Robinson, 2011). The journal article under review serves both the interest of companies and public health bodies.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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