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The paper "Football Sponsorship - Adidas Company " is a good example of a business case study.   Football sponsorship has been growing especially with the increasing problems in the Clubs around the world. In order to attract the local business, companies have decided to sponsor football clubs as it also contributes to the social responsibility of the company. Giuy (2007) describes that football sponsors are beneficial to the football clubs for example by building a network between the football club and the local or wider business area. It also improves the brand or image of the football club, therefore, attracting more sponsors.

According to Alan (2005) football club sponsors add a competitive sponsorship package and enable the team to be more competitive against the other rival teams. Football sponsoring is also important to businesses wishing to expand their supplies to the international market. This sponsoring creates a better business opportunity for example by creating awareness of the goods and services provided by the company. The above study shows how football clubs use sponsors to progress in their careers. It also shows how these sponsors benefit by sponsoring famous or local football clubs. Benefits of football sponsors According to Richard (1999), football sponsorship is always there as a way of monetizing funs.

Businesses, on the other hand, are always there in order to look for marketing opportunities. These opportunities, for example, are by putting billboards all over the roads that are used by most public viewers and they tend to advertise the club to the fans. The business goes directly to the fans rather than using their leverage over the fans. This demonstrates to the business on how to influence and increase the fun base.

Sponsorship of football property demonstrates leverage over fans and this explains why most football money is used by certain clubs to the exclusion of the rest. The sponsors attract more fans and for them to fall over each other, it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to fill the stadium for a particular season. Clubs that moan due to lack of sponsors should evaluate themselves and find the benefits that they may bring to the sponsors. This is because always want something in return for their investment as it does not offer donation or charity to the football Club (Wim 2005). Clubs should, therefore, try to attract more fans as this will attract more sponsors and companies will want to be associated with a club that has more funs.

Getting fans and mobilizing them is done through a shoestring budget. This means that it begins with basic manpower connected to improved technology that can be affordable by the poorest club in a local area. This, therefore, needs a club to be enthusiastic in every activity and to plan for the activities of the club.

With enthusiasm, a football club however poor is able to get more fans and loyal ones to the club. The few fans will influence more fans who become the club’ s evangelists (Alan 2005). A good relationship should then be built between the fans and the club members, for example, most fans do not always want to be talked to but want to be part of the conversation between them and the club. Alan (2005) explains that they should be seen as part of the club and contributes maximally to making the club successful.

Most sponsors are usually tight on money, especially with the poor economic status. The same sponsors, however, use more money on advertisements than they could have used on sponsoring a football club and attaining a bigger market share.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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