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RECOMMENDATIONSFor effective achievement and enhancement of job satisfaction among the employees at Abu Dhabi police, there should be an intense focus on the idea of training within the organization. Since the training programs in an organization, enhances job satisfaction, there is need to establish a link between the training and improving performance. The implementation of a training and development program has to be tied to the customer service as well as their retentions. The results indicate that a strong correlation exists between the designing and planning process of an employee training program.

This is also related to the employees’ perception on the idea of e-training and their expectations of the benefits resulting from the use this system of training. Therefore, the perception of employees in Abu Dhabi police on e-training and its benefits to them should be the determining factors in designing and planning of their training program for improved performance and job satisfaction. Since the perception of employees at Abu Dhabi police supports the training and development programs as significant variables in predicting their job satisfaction, such programs should be considered as predicators for employee job satisfaction.

This is because training and development programs greatly influence the employee’s job satisfaction. Employees at Abu Dhabi police also consider e-training as an important predicator of their job satisfaction. This implies that e-training programs should be encouraged at Abu Dhabi police in order to enhance their job performance. The e-training programs should be made accessible to all the employees or employees need to be offered with time to advance their education, particularly the e-training programs that promote job satisfaction in their sector. However, the employees ought to be careful on the kind of e-training method selected so as to achieve only the training that enhances their job satisfaction.

The management of Abu Dhabi police must take note of the significant differences existing from the perceptions of their employees on job satisfaction. This should be in relation to the training and development programs implemented. Considering the implementation and design of a training program as a constant variable and employee job satisfaction as dependent variable, a regression model could be the ideal method.

This will assist the management of Abu Dhabi police to effectively analyze how each of the independent factors such as the designing and implementation of the training, e-training ideas as well as benefits affects the dependent variable, in this case job satisfaction. Based on the regression model understanding of the variables in the discussion, the perceptions on e-training method as well as the type of training and development programs implemented affects job satisfaction. Therefore, a careful analysis of the perceived training and development method will strongly enhance the global job satisfaction among the employees.

This is particularly focused on the employees at Abu Dhabi police station. In order to achieve, maintain and improve the job satisfaction among the Abu Dhabi employees. There should be a continuous assessment of how the e-training benefits are perceived and ideas as well as courses are designed and implemented.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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