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Project Management and Organization of RRR Computing ServicesIntroductionThis research paper is based on the Business plan of “RRR Computing Services” which is authored by Diener, Ellen in 2004.This assignment is based on RRR computing services which is a company that offers computer and business services it is a one stop business services solutions to individuals and businesses. The company is based in Stevensville, Michigan and has a wide range of good and services which it offers to its clientele. The company goods and services range from training of computer applications, repair and maintenance, networking and connectivity of computer for both local and wide area networks it also sells computer parts.

The services done include internet access to its clients, photocopies, binding and printing, photocopying and facsimile transmission. The company has also been licensed to sell branded products such as Microsoft software which is a leading brand in computing technology and Dish network sales. The company has recently opened a retail store which the project is to be based. Due to advancement of technology, the goods and services which are offered by the company are on high demand and the market is vey responsive to changing of technology hence there is good market for its goods and services.

With such a vibrant market the project has high potentiality of succeeding if well managed for there is ready market. The main challenge which the project would face is its administration and allocation of resources. For the project to be successful all the resources which include time, money and labor needs to be well allocated to all the tasks which will be done. Executive summaryRRR Computing Services project also serves as the project plan which the administrators of the company will use to make informed decisions on how they shall be able to manage the processes which they shall encounter.

The project of the company shall mainly address on the needs of the customers and ensure that the computing services which will be done will focus on great customer service and be of high quality. Although, the local community knows the computing services which are offered by the company it shall be more beneficial for the company to maintain its standards and as well improve on the services they offer by diversifying their services to meet all the need of the customer. The project will contain estimates of the setup costs, operational costs and other resources which will be required such as labor and the duration for setting up and running the business to be able to breakeven.

It will as well encompass on the short and long term goals of the company and the strategies on how the company shall be able to deliver the service.

The project will have the revenue and cost generating elements of the project and the bases on which the actual and estimated costs are based on. The costs elements will include of the startup and operational costs and estimated revenue for one financial year.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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