Essays on Managing Cultural Diversity Literature review

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The paper “ Managing Cultural Diversity” is an earnest example of a literature review on management. Davis (2003, p. 45) argues that cultural differences are usually created by race-ethnicity, gender, function, and tenure among the organization factors. Differences in culture may result in the rise of conflicts among team members. This usually results in disrupted communication within the organization and eventually negative outcomes. Therefore, it is the role of every organization and entire management to come up with various ways of managing and reducing the negative effects of cultural differences.

Management in various organizations should ensure that they are able to detect and avoid such cases from arising. Political backgrounds and experience are other major factors that contribute to cultural differences. Multicultural teams and differences in most occasions generate dilemmas in the organization management. Cultural differences usually create considerable obstacles to efficient teamwork. Recognizing various underlying cultural causes of conflicts is the main challenge in managing multicultural teams by organizations’ management. It is also a great challenge for management to get teams back into the track as well as empowering members to manage and deal with the challenges of cultural differences in the future.

Work-group diversity has become one of the most challenging issues that are facing various organizations currently. Various factors like demographic, cultural, and legal factors have greatly changed the composition of organizations’ workforces. Demographic factors include multi-culturalism, equality initiatives, globalization, and declining birth rates. Therefore, this requires managers, employers, and employees to be sensitive to both inter- and intergroup differences. They are also required to adopt practices and policies which are effective in coping with such changes. Managing cultural diversificationEly & Thomas, (2001, p.

230) maintains that managers and team members can manage cultural differences. This is only possible if they adopt and chose the right strategies within their organizations. Cultural difference poses various challenges which include hindering success within the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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