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The paper “ Bagheera -Human Resource Management ” is a creative variant of the case study on human resources. According to Gatewood, Feild, and Barrick (2010), organizational structure defines how activities such as supervision, coordination, and allocation are structured with the purpose of achieving organizational aims. It is also used as a perspective or viewing glass in which an individual see their position in the organization and can deduce their respective roles and responsibilities, and order of communication. Bagheera expanding its business after getting another accountant meaning the organization structure has to change to reflect the new employees to fulfill the aims of the organization. Bagheera New Organizational Chart, indicating hierarchy and chain of commandThe following is the new organizational chart for Bagheera Company. The new organizational structure has changed numerous operations and has introduced new employees to reflect the changing requirements at Bagheera (Boon et al.

2011). Five new employees will be hired to fulfill the requirements of the new strategic operations. The new employees will have the position of Design Assistant, Procurement and Logistic Assistant, Accountant, Customer Care and Relationship Assistant, and Marketing Assistant.

All the employees will be answerable to the General Manager and in the absence of the General Manager; the Assistant General Manager will play the role. In addition, the employees are not required to report directly to the Assistant General Manager but can communicate directly with the General Manager. Moreover, the General Manager may pass instructions to the Assistant General Manager or communicate directly with other employees. General Manager Job DescriptionThe role and responsibility of the General Manager are to oversee the entire operations of the company.

The General Manager creates the framework and structures to advance the operations and address challenges that may arise during the operation (Boon et al. 2011). The General Manager will also engage different stakeholders in ensuring the company operates effectively and operates based on the standards and regulations in place.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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