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Ford motor company was started in 1896 by Henry Ford. He started by building a crude form of a vehicle called the Buggy frame. The buggy frame had 4 wheels the size of the bicycle. Ford did not rest at that but progressed each time improving on the original vehicle. In 1903 , 1708 cars were produced of the type ``ford mobile``. This was model A and in 1906 ford emerged as the top selling car company in the United states where 8,729 cars manufactured were sold. A new model (I) was introduced in the market in 1908 with approximately 15 million produced.

Ford not only eyed the market in the United states but opened his eyes outside America. In 1911 ford started a factory in Manchester England. In 1926 he opened new markets in Australia with ford Australia introduced in Victoria and Geelong. (www. adl. org). In 1927 model (I) was brought to an end and model A reintroduced in Rouge complex. Two ford brands competed heavily in 1931 with ford model and Chevy model alternating in the level of demands in the US markets.

This was the period when great depression occurred in the United states. Apart from production of various brands of vehicles, the management of the company had various changes. Ford the founder, was succeeded by Edsel Ford in 1919 as the president of the company. In the 1943,Edsel Ford died of cancer and Henry Ford resumed the presidency. In 1945, Henry Ford 11 became the president of the company. In 1960 Robert Mcnomara was made the president by Henry Ford II. Until recently leadership changed hands severally. During this period more Ford brands were made till this day.

For example Ford Mustang II (1974), Ford Tempo (1984) to mention a few. Sales also improved from 1.5 million cars by 1929 to 2.35 million vehicles by 1973.Currently we have several changes that have taken place in the Ford Company. The company has faced a lot of competition from General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and other makers of vehicles. This has resulted into low sales of the brands with the 2006 income statement showing that Ford company had negative Net income of 112,613,000,000 so big that the company had to do away with a large number of its workers to the tune of 18,000.

This was aimed at reducing the operational costs of the company. The on going problems which have hit the Ford company, especially the perception the consumers have of its brands have also contributed a lot in the loses the company has incurred. Though it produces new brands, buyers are not quite interested in some of this brands due to the low quality as compared to other brands from its competitors. By July 2007, Ford sales went down by 19 percent and in August it was down by 14 percent.

Ford has therefore faced a stiff competition from other vehicle makers, for example, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet and Honda. Fuel prices also have affected the Ford Motor co. sales because as fuel rose in price people preferred the vehicles which were efficient in fuel usage. Hence by 2006 the crossover utility vehicles sales rose 2.4 million units. Exceeding the SUV by 300,000. Units.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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