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FOREIGN CULTURES Over the years, demographics in the United s of America have been used to reveal quite a numberof developments in the country’s population. These trends are known to create a relationship between changes that relate to age, location, gender, marital status, employment status, race, religion and others. In most cases, the above stated trends are used to group people in different social roles. For instance, the current market demographic segmentation can be identified to consist of market divisions that are based on variables such as the above named trends.

As expected, the demographic variables are considered the most popular ways of dividing consumer groups. These divisions can be linked to association of business and variables like income and age. Although it is easy to accept that the effects of the trends named above are unavoidable in the community, it is essential to realize that they can cause differences in the society. According to the second email, the people who have low education are associated with achieving low education. Furthermore, the email tries to bring some information about gender whereby most of the lowly educated employers are women. Race is a factor that has contributed to the success or failure of various individuals in the country (DeVita 23).

For instance, the minority sub cultures are believed to acquire low quality education, resulting to low paying jobs. Concurrently, the people in that bracket end up living below the poverty line. Although Christianity has dominated in the United States of America, there is lack of equality. In America, the greatest cultural influence is identified with education achievement, income, and wealth. Work citedDeVita, Philip R.

America as a Foreign Culture. New York: Wadsworth Publishing, 2001. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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