Essays on Vegan Products in India and China Case Study

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The paper 'Vegan Products in India and China' is a wonderful example of a macro-economics case study. It is known that the selection of the appropriate foreign market is one of the most important decisions. Nonetheless, research indicates that inadequate knowledge of the foreign market is the major factor deterring businesses. Market experts often have strategic ambitions and consider foreign markets as prospective opportunities for intensifying their sales and profits. In this report, the focus will be on Vegan products in India and China. Throughout the years, Vegan has made life easier through its quality products.

As a result, the business acquired global brand recognition and a high level of customer loyalty through diversification strategy by offering quality, honey. Its customers accept another factor that has led to its growth ample acceptance of organizational brand and whatever the business produces since the product quality meets their expectations (Horngren,   Datar, & Rajan,   2012, 159). The aim of this report has been accomplished through a critical analysis of the business’ environmental analysis by focusing on both the macro-economic and microanalysis factors. Starting and developing an effective business pose both an adventure and a huge challenge.

Any favorable business environment needs to be imperative for the entrepreneurs for creation and sustainability of the profitable business. Various factors are instrumental in facilitating the creation of successful events. For example, there is a need to access capital, clarity of legislation, development of entrepreneurial culture, and development of crucial business support networks. The Indian economy has experienced a robust growth rate of 9% in 2004-2008 accompanied by major macroeconomic indicators. However, with the occurrence of the North Atlantic Financial Crisis (NAFC), India suffered a setback in 2008.

The country’ s growth rebounded in response to the large monetary and fiscal stimuli. In 2008-2009, the country experienced a widening of the current account and fiscal deficits and inflation that increased to an inflated level.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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