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The paper "Forensic Entomology Applications" is a good example of a finance and accounting assignment. Forensic entomology is the use and study of the insects and other arthropods that live in the corpse or remains that are decomposing to assist in legal and criminal investigations. Forensic entomology can also be defined as the science of using evidence from insects to help to solve crimes. It can as well be described as the use of entomology knowledge in investigating criminal activities. Forensic entomology is associated with death investigations. It is used to determine the number of days that have passed after somebody died or the minimum time since death.

This is through the identification of the age of the insects found on the human corpse. The significant assumption is that the body has not been dead for a longer time than insects took to arrive and even develop (Answers. com, 2010). Forensic entomology is also used to detect poisons and drugs. It is used in determining the exact location where the incident took place. Forensic entomology is also used to detect or determine the duration of a period of neglect in the children or elderly as well as the time and presence of wounds infliction.

It is widely used in detecting abuse in children and in the elderly. There have been cases that some parents intentionally use wasps and bees to punish their children using insects to sting them (Greenberg, 2002). Entomological evidence has for a long time been used as a way to prove abandonment or neglect as well as lack of proper care of wounds in elderly who are under institutional and private care.

Forensic entomology is also used to examine insect remains lodged and impacted in windshield and radiators of automobiles. Such remains give evidence on the possible path and particular areas through which the automobile passed. Forensic entomology examines the insects that feed on living, dried or decomposing vegetable matters submitted to forensic entomologists in trying to establish the country of origin. This applies mostly to the plants like cannabis and other drug plants (Byrd, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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