Essays on Setting Up a Joint Venture in China Assignment

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The paper "Setting Up a Joint Venture in China" is a perfect example of an assignment on business. Every society has its own cultural practices and beliefs. These form part of their daily life including business, family relations, and any other aspect regarding their lives. Business operations must to some extent involve the social and cultural practices of the people involved. A better example is when developing a marketing strategy. The ways of the targeted clients have to be understood (Curry and Putzi   27).                       This report analyzes differences in communication and understanding between two negotiating teams, one team from America led by Mr.

Jones and the other from China led by Mr. Wang. The two companies are in plans to establish a joint venture in China where there seems to be cheaper and affordable labor. The American company sends its delegation led by senior negotiator Mr. Jones.   The report has singled out two main factors that might have played key roles in jeopardizing the negotiation and hence diminishing the possibility of business partnership between these two companies. The issues tackled are; Jones attitude The social-holistic approach by the Chinese The report reviews how these two factors collided in the negotiations and eventually affected the whole process.

Important to note here, the two teams almost reached an agreement, as a matter of fact, they had already reached a tentative agreement only to call it off at the last minute. The people-people vs. the business-people According to (Williams. 105) the principles of economies and business are universal regardless of people’ s culture and background. The situation in China might prove otherwise considering the outcome of the process.

From the beginning of the process, all seemed to be well for both companies. Both companies did thorough research concerning each other. The problem is that each company did research based on what their expectations were. Mr. Jones and his team did research on the operations of the company, the technicality in terms of business operations, the figures, profits, and losses.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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