Essays on Management of Fleetwood Corporation Limited Company Case Study

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The paper 'Management of Fleetwood Corporation Limited Company " is a good example of a business case study. The paper analyzes Fleetwood Corporation Limited (FWD) Company that is based in Australia and provides products like vehicle spare parts, accessories, caravans, and portable accommodation. The paper focuses on the overview of the company, its products, management, employee benefits and attributes, and the financial performance in 2015. The company analysis, therefore, is carried on FWD. An Overview of Fleetwood Corporation Limited Fleetwood Corporation Limited (FWD) was founded in 1964 and it is based in Australia.

The company has its headquarter in East Perth, Australia (“ Fleetwood Corporation Limited” , 2014). The company is involved in the manufacturing and selling of various products like caravans, spare parts and other accessories. Other products that the company manufactures and distributes to the market include park homes and mobile accommodation. However, it started by manufacturing and selling caravans and accessories. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1987 after it had expanded. FWD is not only found in Australia, but it also has some of its outlets in countries like New Zealand.

The company employs about 786 workers in both Australia and New Zealand. It has a number of subsidies that include Fleetwood Durabuilt Pty, Flexiglass Challenge Pty, Fleetwood Pty, and Fleetwood Finance Pty that are found in Australia. Its subsidies based in New Zealand include Flexiglass Challenge Industry and Sarada Limited. Currently, FWD is focusing on three main sectors in Australia, which include recreation, retirement, and resources. At the same time, it has two main divisions, which include recreational vehicles and manufactured accommodation. The company controls between 20-25% market share when it comes to the construction of caravan in the whole of Australia.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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