Essays on Foundation of Human Resources/ Ethical Dilemma -Case Study- Essay

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Q. 3 Ans: First of all, there is an ethical dilemma involved. If David pursues the matter further to help relieve Pauline’s tension, he might end up upsetting Pauline even more since she had told David that interference in her personal life upset her. On the other hand, if David does not do anything in this regard even after getting the e-mail, he might not be able to help Pauline get back to normal ever. The second ethical matter involved in this case is David’s response to continued display of aggressive behavior by Pauline.

Although Pauline has done a lot for the company in the past, yet is becoming a cause of unrest among the rest of the employees. While this might have an effect on her own performance, this also has the potential to affect the performances of other employees at work and accordingly, the progress of work (Balle, 2011; Harewell, 2011). David needs to evaluate the losses and benefits of replacing her with a new employee with the losses and benefits of retaining Pauline in the same position, and reach an optimal decision.

Another matter of ethical significance is the promotion of gender-based discrimination at the workplace in the form of sexual harassment (Equal Rights Advocates, 2012). The legal matter involved in this case is related to the sexual harassment and the anonymous e-mail. The e-mail could be a plot to ruin Bob Ripley’s career while he might be innocent. On the other hand, the information conveyed through the e-mail could also be right. It is for the police to investigate what is the truth. If Bob is really harassing Pauline sexually, he is liable to face the legal consequences.

Q. 4 Ans: When an employee refuses to discuss an issue, a manager may or may not have a responsibility to pursue the matter further depending upon the effects of matter. If the matter is only between the employee and the manager, it is advisable for the manager not to pursue it further. David is not serving in the company as a counselor and might end up breaching his own duty if he gives inappropriate advice to Pauline (icaew. com, 2012).

However, if the matter is moving beyond the two to affect others, the individual in the capacity of the manager needs to pursue it further irrespective of the consent of the employee because the cause is noble. As a manager, the individual assumes the responsibility to manage everything comparing the pros and cons. In the case under consideration, David needs to see whether Pauline’s behavior is affecting the work psychology of other workers, Pauline’s performance, her behavior with the customers and the organizational culture as a whole. If it is affecting them, then David needs to do something despite Pauline’s lack of consent.

This was what needed to be done as long as the anonymous e-mail had not been received. After David has received the anonymous e-mail, he needs to find out who is its sender with due help of the police, and whether the information contained therein is correct or fake. References: Balle, L 2011, How to Deal With Personal Problems in the Work Place, viewed, 1 April 2012,. Equal Rights Advocates 2012, Know Your Rights: Sexual Harassment At Work, viewed, 1 April 2012,. Harewell 2011, 8 Ways to Deal with Employee Personal Problems, viewed, 1 April 2012,. icaew. com 2012, An employee is experiencing serious personal problems. .., viewed, 1 April 2012,.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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