Essays on Marketing Activities That Have Contributed to Primarks Success Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Activities That Have Contributed to Primark’ s Success" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Primark is a leading fashion retailer with a presence in several countries. The clothing retailer has a reputation for providing clothes at a reduced cost in its outlets. The company started in Dublin in June 1969 and later spread to various countries through the provision of fashion using the right market segmentation. The company has been able to employ a workforce of more than 10000 people from different nationalities. Primark has continued expanding and is expected to have an increase in the workforce by 2015 to reach 30,000 workers.

To maintain low prices, the company outsources its labour in developing nations such as Bangladesh. This leads to reduced cost of manufacture hence low prices. The company is part of Associated British Food Groups. Primark has been termed as the second-largest clothing store after Marks and Spencer in Britain. The company has been able to record profits while its peers are losing market. This report will analyse Primark Company using the case study and other credible sources.

The analysis will help in understanding the cause of company success in the clothing sector (Primark official website, 2014). Marketing activities that have contributed to Primark’ s success Primark clothing company has been involved in several activities which have helped it capture the market. These marketing activities include recent online marketing, promotions, buying in bulk price reductions and seizing market opportunities. The company launched its online marketing in the year 2013. This was a marketing activity that was highly welcome as there has been a surgeon online marketing by competitors.

Through online marketing, the consumer is able to purchase the products without being physically available at the stores. Online marketing is also a strategy that has attracted new customers to the company. The company has managed to sell their products online through the catalogue system. Online marketing has thus helped the company expand its market share (Primark official website, 2014). Promotion is utilised by many companies to win customers. Primark has been able to carry out promotions to its loyal customers. The main objective of promotion is to make sure that the customers are able to utilize the company products and develop a positive attitude toward it.

This has been achieved through awarding gift cards and coupons which are redeemable in the company outlets (Macmillan & Tampoe, 2000). The company reduces prices occasionally to make sure that their products are affordable. This has made the company gain a client base from the different status of life. The company uses direct marketing in making sure that there is interactive communication between them and consumers. The company advertisement method has shunned the use of prime media.

The company mostly relies on word, brand strength and consumer loyalty. The opening of internet sales has acted to increase company advertisement (Primark official website, 2014). Purchasing in bulk is another market activity that has helped Primark in its success. Making purchases in bulk help the company to purchase at a low price. This also helps in maintaining a strong relationship between the supplier and the company. The company products are made depending on the needs. Primark utilises software that helps in determining which products is on demand.

Through using this software, the company is able to make a huge income by satisfying the customers depending on needs and avoiding wastage (Macmillan & Tampoe, 2000). The company was able to seize the fast fashion opportunity before its rivals which are described as ‘ the era of cheap chic’ . This helped the company leap profits ahead of the competitors.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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