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The paper "Foundations of Business" is a perfect example of a business assignment. High school principal works exactly like the managers of business entities. They carry out various managerial responsibilities to ensure that the school run in the expected ways and come up with ways to improve the general performance of the school. In terms of Planning, he has the responsibility of allocating all the available resources to the other teachers so as to ensure that they carry out their duties effectively and improve the academic performance of the students. The principal as well ensures that students have enough resources which are necessary to fulfill their academic desires.

For instance, ensuring that there is a well-equipped library (William et al, 2016, 183). In terms of organizing, the high school principal ensures that the activities which are carried out within the school mainly work towards utilization of the resources which will indubitably lead to the realization of the goals of the school in terms of academics and the disciplines being imparted to the students so as to become the responsible future leaders. Consequently, the school principal directs all the activities of the school, by providing a focus for the school teachers and other staff and motivating them so that they can have the willingness to work hard so as to achieve the organizational goals.

In this, they offer them the advice which is needed and rewarding them when it’ s due for the work done. Moreover, he carries out control tasks which entail comparing the actual performance of the teachers and the academic performance of the students and checking it with the expected performance and carrying out corrective measures. B2An organizational structure can be described as a way in which the activities of an organization are allocated and coordinated together with being supervised and most importantly directed towards the realization of the organizational goals.

In essence, this can be considered as the observation of one's business environment. The hierarchical organizational structure is a kind of a linear structure in which people are directed from the top and are expected to adhere to an instruction to the latter. This type of structure is best used for the disciplined forces.


William M. ‎Robert J. & ‎Jack R. (2016). Foundations of Business, First Edition. Faculty of Business, Government & Law, University of Canberra.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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