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The paper "Adelaide Festival Analysis " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Event planning and its entire management determine the final outcomes and impact on the participants. The Adelaide festival is one of the superbly organized and planned events in Southern Australia. The event attracts large audiences from across the world. When I attended the Adelaide Festival for the first time, I swore never to miss the subsequent events. The event left a lasting hilarious and entertaining feeling that I had never experienced before. The theatre performances, in particular, were educational describing humanity in an elaborate and explicit manner.

The humorous plays like William Shakespeare’ s play “ The Midsummer Night Dream, ” was a thrill and joyous. I was fully entertained. This report discusses the different marketing and promotional activities that the Adelaide Festival event organizers employed in order to achieve such a tremendous success in optimizing audience experience. Introduction The marketing and promotional activities of the Adelaide Festival were superbly integrated and coordinated where all communication was clearly delivered to the targeted audience. The promotional messages that the organizers used were compelling; branding the event as one of its kind.

For instance, the main objectives of the event promotional messages were feelings, thinking, and doing (Getz, 2005). The messages were transformational creating an attitude, feeling, emotion, and or belief that the event was going to be entertaining, exciting, and extremely captivating. The messages were also informational; for example, the creative awareness of the event, venue, time, program elements, ticket purchasing, and pricing were well met through communication (Baum, 2006). I commend the Adelaide Festival organizers for working to ensure that everything went well through the seventeen days of the festival.

I had never experienced high-end theatre performances like those at the Adelaide Festival. Everything was perfect and up to standard, each performance directly ushered in the next completely creating the link and relationship between each and every event (Getz, 2005). For the seventeen days, Adelaide's atmosphere was filled with ambiance. The planning and the overall marketing and promotional activities pursued by the event organizers ensured the attraction of seasoned performers in arts, visitors, and the general Adelaide audience.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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