Essays on Reflection on Industry Analysis Assignment

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The paper "Reflection on Industry Analysis" is a perfect example of a management assignment. I am a senior student at Mahara University, majoring in financial management with a concentration being in the banking sector. My classes at school have given me an understanding of work and the importance of the banking sector in the economy. Additionally, apart from the academic know-how, I have gained other practical experience through community volunteering activities and previous employment positions. I have had a chance to work in different companies which has enabled me to have the appropriate knowledge that will allow me to make a substantial contribution to the banking sector. Most importantly, I have a lot of passion for the financial wellbeing of our country and the active connections of the banks to the general economy.

As a student am a member of the commercial club in schools where we look into the different aspects of financial issues within society. I am entering my final year in Bachelor degrees and am a senior mentor. With a passion for the finance and banking sector, I am always seeking any appropriate networking opportunities and work experiences that will boost my career to the next level. I have always appreciated people who think that my previous work experience is beneficial and also look forward to incorporating me into their team so that we can work together for the benefit of the company. I am available to take an interview and to start working immediately.

My previous employers are best references. Below is a copy of my resume plan. Look forward to being contacted by you. Yours sincerely HuanYu Wu Resume Plan HuanYu Wu Email address: huanyuwu65@gmail. com Contact no: Career objective I am seeking any responsible post that can give me a growing opportunity in any reputable bank.

I need to utilize my skills and at the same time gain more skills that will help me to push my career in the banking sector. Career summary A unique and innovative thinker with excellent skills of about two years in the banking sector. Excellent capability of organizing the operations that take place within the bank. In-depth knowledge of the job specifications and therefore able to supervise each department Expertise in the provision of the best solution within a banking organization which will give it a new direction of development. Proficiency in the executions of the program even in the limited resources.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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