Essays on Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management Case Study

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The paper "Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. Decision support systems are interactive computer-based programs created to help the users while making decisions in terms of judgments or choices to be made. Others call decision support systems knowledge support systems. At first decision support systems were used by scientists, however, with time it has found its way to other users such as businesses, the military, and engineering among others. These programs have ensured increased productivity, efficiency as well as effectiveness in all areas of application (Druzdzel Marek and Flynn roger, 2002 pp3). Decision support systems are made up of three main components and they include database management systems (DBMS), model-base management systems (MBMS) and dialog generation and management systems (DGMS).

The database management system stores all the information that is relevant to the problem or function in which the program was created. It gives logical data for the users to interact with. The model-base management systems are important because it transforms the information that creates independence from the structures and models of decision support systems to enable users to use the information for decision making.

The dialog generation management system provides an insight to the users so as to enable them to use and benefit from the use of decision support systems (Druzdzel Marek and Flynn roger, 2002 pp 6-7). Case Study: Maurier Hotels Group Maurier hotel groups have three different hotels located in the different seaside of the country. The hotels each provide a unique style that separates it from the other sister hotels. This is an important advantage over their competitors as customers appreciate variety and uniqueness.

However, the increase of the two new hotels at the south coast of Devon and Cornwall management may prove to be a little more challenging than it initially was. Therefore the hotel's manager Mrs. Danvers has to upgrade her systems of management to improve service to clients which will help the hotels retain their clientele. Disadvantages of the Current Information Systems at the Maurier Hotel Groups and the Possible Solutions The current systems being used by Maurier Hotel Groups do not contain tools for reporting, data mining, and knowledge management which take data input and transform it into structured reports which show patterns and relationships and also ensure that they are available to users who and when they may need it.

The tools used just to store the data that is fed to them and delivers it as it was. The information does not add value as it is just past information. Mrs. Danvers is looking for a system that will help analyze their customers’ interests and other areas of operations such as staff data, restaurant activities and also the hotels’ financial data.

Business intelligence systems have features that will ensure that all the data is sorted for easy access, convenience as well as decision making regarding clients, her members of staff among other operational activities. Business intelligence systems use computer programs to produce and deliver useful information. The information fed is sorted, grouped, calculated, filtered as well as formatted to as to perform a specific function whether it’ s to analyze competitors, revaluate the menus, study customer patterns and also predict future plans. The business intelligence systems also allow the hotels to analyze its customer relationship management from the filtered data provided by the programs which then enables the company to re-strategize its customer relationship management techniques for better services to its customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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