Essays on Fraud Incidents at Teledata Communications Inc, Topside Industries, and Enron Case Study

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The paper “ Fraud Incidents at Teledata Communications Inc, Topside Industries, and Enron” is a thrilling example of a finance & accounting case study. Cummings and Baptiste were online criminals and they were committing non-contact fraud using technology. It is necessary therefore that technology-supported investigation is contacted especially after a briefing by the victim of the continuous requests from one computer into one client's account is suspicious. First, surveillance is undertaken to identify the computer used in the fraud. Technology can support identification of the Computer being used, location, and also ownership.

After confirming this, it is necessary that the fraudsters are confirmed to have been committing crimes using the same computer over some time. Secondly, it is imperative that invigilation is undertaken to ensure that the fraudster is actively engaged in fraudulent activities and his actions recorded. Cummings will be found to have access to private information through impersonation. Finally, it is necessary that physical evidence like the computers being used in the fraud and other supporting information like contacts of the ring members are collected. 2. Create a vulnerability chart to coordinate the various elements of the possible fraud. What was taken Who had the Opportunity How fraud was concealed How are assets converted Red flag Pressures Rationalization Key internal ControlsCustomer deposits • Customer representativeEntering verified codes to the company database Change of address, request of new checkbooks, credit cards Changed behavior of customer representative Extravagant lifestyle GreedFrequent changes in Access codes.

Restricted access to customer information3. Assuming your investigation used surveillance and/or covert investigation techniques, what types of surveillance and/or covert operations would you use? How would technology play a role in this part of the investigation? - Stationery or fixed point; this will be applicable at the location where the fraud is being committed.

It involves the use of bugs to recorded occurrences at the scene of the crime. A professional investigator can be strategic located at a fixed point where the fraud scene can be easily monitored.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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