Essays on Frozen Foods for Kids - Market Segmentation and Positioning, Marketing Mix and Budget Case Study

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The paper “ Frozen Foods for Kids - Market Segmentation and Positioning, Marketing Mix and Budget” is a   great example of a case study on marketing. Babies’ food has grown in demand because of changes in fertility, mortality rates, technological change, and economic development. Thus, many companies are concentrated in the baby food industry as either suppliers or producers. One of the companies is the Freez-Wiz, which supplies foods from other companies and currently, the company wants to introduce its’ own brand into the retail market. Therefore, the aim of this report is to introduce the product, analyze micro and macro-environmental conditions, market segmentation, positioning/place, and price.

The report will draw a skeleton of the budget that will be appropriate in the process. 2.0 ProductThe products that will be already cooked and frozen will be sold under the name of Bouncing Babies produced by Freez-Wiz. These products will be Halal because of the utilization of healthy ingredients and free from artificial elements. Moreover, the products will be suitable for all varieties of babies. The products will be ranged into two parts with a wide variety of foods in them.

One range is the weaning range, which will be suitable for babies who are in ages 4 – 10 months. These varieties will be smooth and mild; however, there will be specific varieties that contain smaller lumps to encourage the babies to chew and to introduce a variety of tastes. The other range is from ten months and above, which will contain larger lumps and contains ingredients that are suitable for these babies. Apart from the specific range of foods, there will be also drinks and milk that can be used by all ranges. Packaging of the product plays an important role in ensuring that the product is easily utilized.

Free-Wiz bouncing babies’ range of products is packed in weights of 250 grams in a pack that is divided into two parts; this is a unique strategy that the few companies do not utilize. Moreover, the unique casing, which is tamper-evident microwavable trays packs will improve the positioning of the company in terms of safety that is championed by the organization and other benefits that come with the product.

The divided packs will convenient for mothers to prepare frozen food without problems such as preparing a lot of food at the same time. Due to the current recession, such packaging will give the opportunity to the customers to preserve resulting in the management of their finances. These products will ensure that the needs of babies or toddlers are adequately met. This will give the opportunity to work parents to have alternative food for their babies apart from suckling. Moreover, the ingredients that will be used will contain the right requirements in terms of mineral content and other health-conscious ingredients.

This will ensure that the baby can access all ingredients and minerals that are required throughout their development. 3.0 Macro EnvironmentsGovernment regulations play an important role in shaping and controlling the baby food industry through frequent inspecting and ensuring that the products meet the required standards, a sector that is monitored by FSI. There have been cases of food poisoning especially baby foods imported from China and so far competitors from China have been blocked (Baby Feeding Law Group, 2008).

Thus, various legal and regulatory elements are supposed to be fulfilled to ensure and guarantee the security and safety of the babies’ foods (Klopper & Petzer, 2006). The safety and health nature of baby food should fulfill the requirements of FSI. Nevertheless, currently, there is a prominent economic crisis that reduces the amount of income that can be used. The many layoffs and collapse of various industries and increased unemployment may affect negatively the market expenditure. Therefore, the economic recession negatively affects the market, spending behavior and customer demand and people turn to cheaper products; a strategy that the Freez-Wiz company is utilizing.

Consequently, the government does not impose taxes on food staff (Office for National Statistics, 2008). Additionally, technological changes affect the way that the products are brought to the market (distribution) and the approach that will be introduced to the customers (promotion). Nevertheless, the population of women between ages 16 – 59 is 33% while that of babies is approximately 10% (Office for National Statistics, 2008). The Office for National Statistics for the same period shows that the birth rate per woman increased from 1.6 in 2001 to 1.9 in 2007.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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