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The paper “ H& S - Business Plan for an Organic Cigarette Business” is a relevant example of a business assignment. H& S, the proposed new entrant in the organic cigarettes industry, bids to capture a sizeable slice in the fast-growing market for healthy and organic cigarette brands in the United Kingdom in the next two years. As this business plan will provide, the proponents will show the project’ s competitive strategies, marketing, and plan of operations to establish H& S as a leading brand in its industry. With the persistent challenges, threats, and competition that the new company would need to overcome, the proponents draw on these analyses to design a strategy in order to achieve its business targets in the next two years or by 2012.

While it plans to capitalize on its strengths, particularly its unique brand as a pioneer in this niche with support from the government, the company is constantly reminded of the factors that may weigh down on its business targets, including the way its rival companies can invest highly on marketing and advertising. Coupled with the combination of its marketing plans and industry and market analyses, the company plans to initiate the winning strategies of customer intimacy, operational excellence, and product leadership. In order to meet its business goals, H& S envisions through this business plan ways on how it will create a niche demand for its healthy cigarette products first from the United Kingdom then across the European Union member countries and Asia.

Business ProblemCan a new brand of organic cigarette that’ s actually about smoking help smokers give up their smoking habits? Will people try a new brand from a new, small, and untested company and become drawn to the company as a loyal consumer?

These are just a few of the questions that the proponents seek to answer in this business plan. For new entrants like H& S, the challenge may seem daunting given its ambitions to carve a niche in the large cigarette smoking populations in the EU countries and in Asia. Although now the opportunity is open for small businesses, however, opening the business means accepting the fierce challenge of the aggressive marketing and advertising binges from large and well-established companies.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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