Essays on Fundamentals of Human Resources Assignment

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The paper "Fundamentals of Human Resources" is a great example of a management assignment.   The following paper aims at interviewing and selecting new staff for the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney following the scheduled international art exhibition. This part focuses on selecting staff as well as planning and organizing induction programs. Task 3: Select Staff The first task in terms of selecting the staff is through the development of interview questions. The interview questions will be based and matched on the identified and approved selection criteria included in the job description. In this case, the interview questions to be asked include: Kindly introduce yourself briefly? Why did you leave your previous job? Why do you want to join the current job? Tells us about your technical abilities including the ability to work under pressure, communication, and language? We are expecting international guests in the near future, what can you offer that will impress our guests? Lastly, what do you believe is the most important for success in hospitality including, guest interaction, creating an accommodating environment, cleanliness, or responsiveness, as well as food knowledge?

(amWaitress, 2014) The second step in selecting the staff is conducting an interview.

While conducting an interview, it is always significant to keep an appointment. This means that planning and resources are important to ensure an effective and efficient interview. In this case, the interview resulted in one candidate being selected to take up a job opportunity at the establishment. The candidate selected is a male wait staff with about five years’ experience in a five-star hotel. The candidate proved to have excellent communication skills with a good command in English both written and orally. In the interview, his responses were well developed with great coherence and confidence.

The candidate had a strong belief in guest interaction as well as responsiveness as the main elements of success for a restaurant. Again, the client meets the standard educational and training requirements as identified in the requirements of the job. With his additional training, the candidate is most suited for this position given that he can change roles fill a future vacant position. The candidate also illustrates excellent skills in terms of working under pressure and guest involvement and engagement (Arthur, 2012).

The ability to gauge the candidate’ s abilities and skills has been reinforced by his recommendations and follow up on his referees. Moreover, the candidate was able to impress all interviewers through increased innovative approaches to service and hospitality management. Again, based on the rating scales used, the candidate was able to illustrate a set of skills and abilities that are suitable for the current position. The scales were able to recognize leadership qualities, cognitive skills, and emotional learning (Golec, & Kahya, 2007). Throughout the interview, the candidate presented himself as a self-drive and motivated candidate who was ready to work with an esteemed establishment.

Additionally, the candidate was comfortable with the working environment and conditions allowing increased benefits for smooth management of human resource even after guests reduce at the end of the exhibition. Overall, the candidate has proved significant skills and abilities that fit and go to exceed the job requirements.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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