Essays on Future Prospect and Positioning Strategy for Kids Market Consultancy Case Study

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The paper "Future Prospect and Positioning Strategy for Kids Market Consultancy" is a good example of a case study on marketing. Kids Market Consultancy is a consultancy firm providing research-based services to other organizations. The consultancy has been successful over the years as it focused on developing the business in such a manner that the needs and requirements of the society were addressed. This report examines the manner in which external and internal environmental factors will have an impact on the performance of Kids Market Consultancy. Based on its analysis is conducted to find out the effect and the future prospect and positioning strategy for Kids Market Consultancy.

This will help to give a direction and ensure that the goals are achieved in the best possible manner. Industry Environment Analysis This analysis helps to highlights the different characteristics of the market research industry so that the attractiveness of the industry can be found out. This analysis is conducted through the Porter Five Force Model and is as (Neuman, 2011) Degree of Competition within the Industry Firstly, the degree of rivalry within firms in low in the Market Research Industry which focuses on kids, tweens and teens in Ukraine because of the presence of a few players.

This sector is a niche sector and has very little competition as the degree of awareness both among the masses and the different players looking to work in this segment doesn’ t exist. Kids Market Consultancy is one which is working in this sector (Anthony, 2003). Due to low competition and awareness, the return at the present moment is high which is bound to attract new players to the niche market.

At the present moment, the degree of competition is low but with increasing awareness, rising bottom lines and increasing concentration on kids, tweens, and teens the degree of competition is bound to increase and will increase the number of players working in the market. Potential Threat of New Entrant The Market Research Industry which focuses on kids, tweens, and teens has a high degree of risk when it comes to examining the potential threat of new players. Presently, the sector which focuses to conduct market research for kids, tweens, and teens is new and is at is a nascent phase as it looks to develop brands for the consumer.

The level of profit for this segment is high which will thereby attract others to work in the same industry (Anthony, 2003). This will further be met by the fact that new players working in the international market will also be attracted to the same industry which will thereby increase the degree of competition. In addition to it, Ukraine has about 25 percent of its population which consists of kids, teens, and tweens which provide a wide market to cater to and will help to attract more and more players.

Thus, the overall attractiveness of the industry clearly highlights that the degree of new players entering the industry is bound to grow in the future.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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