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The paper 'Gaming Network' is a great example of a Business Case Study. Ultimate Gaming Network Inc. will be a startup gaming network Development Company that will be based in Dubai. The company aims at launching its flagship gaming network “ The ultimate game” that will be available on both social media sites as well as in mobile devices. As a start, the company will launch its Ultimate games on Facebook in May 2017 and will implement a rigorous marketing plan with the aim of penetrating the market and gaining viral success in the market that has a great potential for growth.

The company’ s management projects have gained between 600,000 and 800,000 users within its first four years of operation with a revenue of at least $2.5 million for the year 2017. We see an opportunity for investing in the gaming network industry since it is rapidly growing and we estimate it to be worth over $4 billion with the growth expected to continue for the next five years. We intend to use Facebook as our primary gaming platform owing to its popularity among users.

We are introducing into the market a unique product that will contain highly popular gaming elements and together with our strong market implementation plan, we hope to gain a 0.15% of the gaming market share at the end of our first four years of operations in a bid to hit our revenue projections. Objectives Ultimate Gaming Network Inc. aims at creating a successful gaming network that will be highly popular among gamers worldwide. We aim at achieving this by recruiting or acquiring an average of 15,000 active users every month within the first year after the launch.

The company also has the objective of continually developing new gaming products with a target of five new products within the first five years of our operation (Dewhurst, 2016). We also have the objective of obtaining $300,000 of initial capital investment funding that will be used in the marketing and development of our gaming network. In addition, we aim at acquiring o. oo5% of the market or $ 2.5 million in revenue within a year of the Ultimate Gaming Network launch. Sales Objectives Mission Ultimate Gaming Network Inc.

will have the mission of becoming the leading provider of gaming facilities and platforms for gamers. This will enable the users/gamers to enjoy the exciting and spectacular quality gaming experience anywhere they are and whenever they use our platform on the internet. For the network operators, the company will endeavor to achieve the much-needed revenue streams by offering a new type of outstanding quality gaming online facilities, and hence this will make our platform their greatest revenue generator. Thus, our company will be the leading gaming entertainment and hospitality company in the markets we will operate through the provision of superior gaming value as well as exceptional experiences (Brown, 2016).

We will provide outstanding experiences to gamers, provide rewarding experiences for the Ultimate Gaming Network team while offering superior value to our investors. Keys to success The following factors will be key in helping us achieve our goals -Being the first in the market to provide the new entertainment service which has great and broad appeal.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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