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The paper "Role of Interest Groups in Government Business Relations" is a wonderful example of a report on business. Relations between the government and businesses in a country are carried out in numerous ways as well as through several channels. Interest groups form a crucial mechanism by which the nationals of a country inform elected officials of their needs, ideas and opinions. Regardless of how specialized the nationals may be, they always establish and associate with an interest cluster that draws attention to their concerns. Interest groups fall under different categories and they all play a significant role in government-business associations.

Depending on how influential a group is, a number of interest groups are more effectual than others (Mack 1997, p. 37). This essay will focus on the role of these groups in business dealings with the government as well as the reasons why some of these groups are more effective than others. Types of interest groups and their roles on government business relations Business organizations Well established corporations take the regard of being significant players in a country’ s economy. Since elected representatives are held answerable for the performance of country’ s economy, time, and again they are afraid that anti-business strategies may negatively impact that performance.

In addition, corporations use direct forces of influence. Big international corporations convey huge resources to promote their political objectives. They are typically members of numerous trade unions that stand for a whole industry's opinions in political procedures. Moreover, individual corporations directly porch members of parliament, and they direct a lot of finances in campaign assistance to their favorite candidates (Mack 1997, p. 89). Professional bodies They form another significant category of interest groups.

Groups such as medical associations and law associations pay interest on the joint interests, principles, and position of their careers. Less influential, but however well structured, are experts in the civic sector. Nearly all fields within federal as well as local governments have their individual national organization. For instance, in the housing strategy, there are groups like the National Housing Association and Development Representatives and the Committee of Big Public Accommodation Authorities.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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