Essays on Gemcom Software: Business Consulting Case Study

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The paper "Gemcom Software: Business Consulting " is a perfect example of a business case study. Gemcom is a world leader in the PLM market based upon end-user software. The company has operations in Australia, Asia, and Russia. Although currently, the Russian market is not larger in terms of revenue, there is a high potential for growth and increase the company’ s profits. The main issue identified is that the company has difficulties in maintaining relationships with extended partners. After the analysis, it was concluded that the relationship between the company and the Russia team was strained for the following two reasons. There is a perceived disparity between contribution and reward. Break down in trust and respect. Change in the partnership agreement The success of the Gemcom software. To address the issue the following was recommended that the manager should. Manage the emotions as best as possible when making the decision. Revisit the core business vision and the reason for being partners, especially with the team and their team leader.

Perhaps the initial goals and expectations have been met and a new one needs to be set. Define the immediate goal for the relationship.

In other words, define early whether the relationship is one you want to fix or one you want to unwind The manager should also find out who has what rights and obligations under the partnership agreement and under the Russian business law as well as international law. Endeavour to the right thing. The manager should avoid taking the issue personally. It is important to focus on business issues and deal with them in a business-like way. Finally, it is recommended that the manager should be creative and supportive to ensure the decision arises is suiting all the partners. These recommendations when followed have the potential of improving the relationship with the Russian team. Introduction The purpose of this report is to provide the manager and the owner of Gemcom software with options for resolving the partnership issues in Russia.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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