Essays on Women as Bosses Still Face Bias Essay

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The paper "Women as Bosses Still Face Bias" is a brilliant example of an essay on gender and sexual studies. The issue under consideration was how female manages are still biased, despite achieving success in their areas of work. This paper identifies a female director, Ms. Mayer of Yahoo, and the tribulations she faced because of dismissing the head of operations. The man under consideration decided to use discriminative words against the female CEO. Another example is Lynn Tilton, who is the CEO of Patriarch Partners. An organization that is responsible for carrying out leverage buyout schemes.

This has helped in ensuring that companies facing financial problems are able to get back into the business. She sacked an employee for fabricating his CV (Brescoll and Sonnenfeld, 2014). However, the employee began using gender-biased words against her, and all these were published in the media.   However, in handling these situations, the managers concerned appealed to the media, to stop using words that are discriminative against women. It is important to understand that Ms. Mayer and Ms. Tilton handled the situation calmly, and this is because they are aware of the gender sensitivity that surrounds the leadership of women in the corporate world.

In fact, Ms. Tilton denoted that had female reporters covered positive attributes that faced women, then these problems of gender discrimination would end (Naber, 2012). However, if they were not aware of the gender issues under consideration, then chances are high that their reaction to the stories would be different. Their reaction to male chauvinism used in the example would most definitely lead to the condemnation of the behavior under consideration.

This is because they are women, and leading some of the most profitable companies in the world. On the other hand, in handling the experience of the woman in gender discrimination, the two Ms. Mayer and Ms. Tilton would likely advise her to seek legal redress.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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