Essays on Genetic Testing: Case on Roy Smith Case Study

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The paper "Genetic Testing: Case on Roy Smith" is an excellent example of a case study on health sciences and medicine. The human genome project was lauded as one of the most effective developments in medicine, as it enables researchers to understand the genetic alterations behind any given health condition (Marks et al, 2010). One of the essential advantages of genetic testing, therefore, is that it opens the mind of the person of interest towards the mechanisms of managing the potential condition. Consequently, I harbor the belief that Roy Smith and his entire family, should go for the screening of the ApoE gene, which somewhat confirms the existence of Alzheimer’ s diseases, for by taking part in such an approach Roy will be fulfilling the responsibility to self and family. In as much as sections of people hold the opinion that genetic testing of conditions such as Alzheimer’ s habitually result in the person demonstrating pre-symptomatic illnesses, I do not share that ideology, as it will enable Roy Smith and his entire family plan on how they will go about the future, particularly in regard to finances and safety.

In like manner, such an approach will make sure that they optimize the currently available medical management mechanisms of Alzheimer’ s condition. This will particularly be demonstrated when healthcare providers are able to identify and eliminate risk factors that can trigger Alzheimer’ s disease. At the same time, healthcare providers have overtime reaffirmed that early screening comes with considerable relief, principally because Roy Smith and his family will be able to understand completely all there is to know regarding Alzheimer’ s condition. Over and above, practices such as early screening of health conditions are part of advancements that have been made in the field of healthcare and medicine and should be completely embraced (Marks et al, 2010).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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