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Movements Movements Movements have been part of humans since history. Any movement is usually targeted to a particular and in most cases they are characterized by protests. Notably, movements are always violent or non violent and always tend to integrate people of common ideologies. To effectively tackle the question on why people get involved in movements either as contributors, elders or sympathizers, it is of prudence to outline one of the many historical movements. The Greenboro movement which was dubbed as Greenboro received an extensive coverage in both local and global media.

Students at North Carolina College, four in number had gone to be served food in a restaurant that as per the Hotels standing orders was only meant for the whites. The students were ignored as the waiters concentrated on serving only the white hotel clients. When they were asked to live, the students declined and this sparked off sit- ins which made them instant heroes among most of the African American population in America (Haenfler, 2006). Subsequently and to add more impetus to the sit in tactic, more students joined in on a daily basis, with the second day of February leading in regard to the number of participants.

The students sat at the Woolworths counter and declined to leave once again when asked to. After just two days, a section of white female students joined their black comrades as a show of solidarity and within just a month, Woolworth’s restaurant was shut down. With the above background on movements, aspects of movement can be outlined as follows. Firstly, the segregation of blacks contributed to the sit in by the students, secondly, the sit in was commenced by the students who first went to be served which in this case makes them the elder of the Greenboro sit-in movement. Lastly, the segregation of blacks won them sympathizers and that is why even white students joined them in the sit-ins (Haenfler, 2006). On personal grounds, one student movement has ever approached me to participate in a student examination boycott.

This was because some of our comrades were locked out for failing to register for the examinations on time. However, I did not participate because the administration had dispatched circulars threatening to expel anyone who participates in examination disruption.

The idea though was appealing but the expulsion threats became a barrier to my participation. The Anti gay movement is one of the movements I find repulsive. For one reason, people get over concerned with what has got know direct impact in their daily lives. Whether one is a gay or not should not bother anyone as this is their personal choice. The other reason is that gays are not lesser human beings as they can contribute to the society just as those that are not gays. Another movement I find repulsive is an African male movement advocating against male domestic violence by women.

This movement is not genuine because as per the United Nations Statistics on domestic violence, women are the major victims of domestic violence and by men forming movement against women is a viably ironical. In summary, movements that have taken place in all parts of the world have always a key concern to address. Theymostly advocate for social justices and may always be violent or non violent in nature. Reference Haenfler, R.

(2006). Straight Edge: Clean-Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, and Social Change. New York, NY: Rutgers University Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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